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This math actions ebook is designed as a source for aiding preschoolers find out about numbers. each one ebook positive factors a hundred and one educating rules on the topic of the subject matter of its name. The skill-building actions during this publication invite kids to discover numbers, quantity attractiveness and counting. either cooperative and person studying are inspired during the hands-on developmentally applicable actions. those actions were correlated to nation criteria and span a number of curriculum parts together with math, language improvement, technological know-how, paintings, and track.

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Continue the game until each child has had a turn. McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing ©© School Specialty Publishing 38 1-57029-488-7 101 Number Activities Math 44 PUZZLE PIES Materials Construction paper Scissors Markers Activity Cut circles out of construction paper to make these simple puzzle pie games. Number Pie: Cut three 12-inch diameter circles out of one color of construction paper. Cut all of the pies into four pieces. Print the same number on all of the pieces of one pie. Print two more numbers on the pieces of the other pies.

76 JEWELED HEADBANDS Materials Construction paper Foil wrapping paper Scissors Glue Chenille stems Stapler Tape Activity Cut construction paper into 2 x 12-inch strips. Tape two strips together to make a headband for each child. ” Have the children glue a number of the paper jewels onto their headbands. When the glue has dried, tape the ends of each child’s headband together. Cut 2-inch circles out of construction paper. With each child, count the number of jewels on his or her headband. Write that number on one of the paper circles.

Gayle Bittinger McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing ©© School Specialty Publishing 40 1-57029-488-7 101 Number Activities Math 46 THREE SIDES Materials Construction paper Scissors Plain paper Glue Activity Cut construction paper into 1 x 6-inch strips. Give each child three paper strips. Have the children count their strips. Show them a picture of a triangle. Ask each child to arrange his or her paper strips on a piece of plain paper to make a triangle. Have them glue their strips in place on their papers.

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