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By Gary Lequipe

Serial killers are not anything just like the ones we all know via motion pictures or literary texts. they don't seem to be crime geniuses, yet tormented beings with psychological issues and an exacerbated narcissism. observe the habit styles and the tales of the main bad criminals.

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Petiot’s house, alerted by a greasy black smoke and an unbearable stench coming out of the fireplace in his home. Petiot proudly explained that these were the remains of Nazi collaborators who had been killed by the French Resistance and had been entrusted to him to be discarded. The agents took for granted that they were German soldiers. By the time they found that it wasn’t true, Petiot was gone. The registration of the house revealed 150 kilos of charred human body tissue and many other bodies in the well of a parking lot containing quicklime.

The police quickly tracked the document’s metadata and identified him. On February 25, 2005, Dennis Rader was arrested. On June 27, the same year, he pleaded guilty to the “BTK” murders, and on August 18, he was sentenced to 10 consecutive life sentences (one for each crime). Rader was spared the death penalty because the state of Kansas didn’t reinstate it until 1994, three years after the last “BTK” murder. - 27 - Arthur Shawcross, the Genesee River killer (June 6, 1945 - November 10, 2008) He was convicted of the murder of two children and killed most of his victims after being paroled, which led to a serious questioning of the justice system.

The Butcher of Hannover did not apply for clemency, although he claimed to be possessed. His horror mate, Hans Grans, was sentenced to life imprisonment, but his sentence was commuted to 12 years in prison. - 11 - Peter Kürten, the Vampire of Düsseldorf (May 26, 1883 – July 2, 1931) He was one of the most famous serial killers in Germany. At 9, he committed his first murders when he drowned two classmates while they were bathing in the Rhine. He was hired as dogcatcher, an activity that enabled him to experience the “pleasure” of torturing and killing stray dogs.

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