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An image booklet designed to inspire analyzing in five-year-olds and upwards, this can be to be had as a part of photo e-book set D (0-7500-1221-8), or separately topic to a minimal order price. There are 5 units of those photo books, graded in response to examining skill and curiosity diversity.

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Source: Kaae, J. L. 1971. Structure and mechanical properties of isotropic pyrolitic carbon deposited below 1600°C. J. Nucl. Mater. ) The mechanical properties of carbon, especially pyrolitic carbon, are largely dependent on its density, as shown in Figs. 4. The increased mechanical properties are directly related to increased density, which indicates that the properties of pyrolitic carbon depend mainly on the aggregate structure of the material [Park and Lakes, 1992]. 6). However, the average modulus of elasticity is almost the same for all carbons.

The cooled mixture is calcined in a crucible at 650°C for 24 h. 9 Scanning electron micrograph (500×) of a set and hardened TCP–cysteine composite. The small white cysteine particles can be seen on the larger TCP particles. 10 Scanning electron micrograph (500×) of a set and hardened ZCAP–cysteine composite. The small white cysteine particles have blended with the ZCAP particles. 11 Scanning electron micrograph (2000×) of a set and hardened ZSCAP particles (45–63 µm). Sulfate is hardly visible between the cube-shaped ZCAP particles.

Natural alumina is known as sapphire or ruby, depending on the types of impurities which give rise to color. The singlecrystal form of alumina has been used successfully to make implants [Kawahara, 1989; Park 1991]. Singlecrystal alumina can be made by feeding fine alumina powders onto the surface of a seed crystal which is slowly withdrawn from an electric arc or oxy-hydrogen flame as the fused powder builds up. Single crystals of alumina up to 10 cm in diameter have been grown by this method [Park and Lakes, 1992].

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