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D. she sought to import them from the Roman Empire. But the grave effects of this upon the imperial economy caused the Emperor Vespasian (69-79) to stop the flight of precious metals, and Indians had to seek for them elsewhere. c. D. 78 is the date of Kanishka's accession. Op. , pp. 41-4. In Les peuples de Ia Peninsule Indochinoise, 1962, chap. ii, C=ies has elaborated and corrected his views. 18 TO THE BEGINNING OF THE SIXTEENTH CENTURY PT. I Khersonese, and the Sanskrit names, such as Suvarnabhumi and Suvarnadv£pa, which they gave to parts of South-East Asia, indicate that to Indians they were famous chiefly for gold.

R. van Heekeren, The Stone Age of Indonesia, 1957, p. 131. • P. E. Sarasin, Reisen in Celebes, 1905. 1 8 TO THE BEGINNING OF THE SIXTEENTH CENTURY PT. I There seems to be evidence also that prior to their arrival in the islands they knew how to cultivate rice. 1 There is no evidence in support of the theory that metal-culture was introduced by a new wave of immigrants. Duyvendak, indeed, not only denies categorically that there were two migrations of Malay peoples into South-East Asia, but asserts that a knowledge of metals was brought to elements of the coastal population through trading contacts with foreigners.

J. Krom, was to the effect that Indian penetration was peaceful, and that it began with traders who settled and married native women, thereby introducing Indian culture. In this way, he suggested, the Indonesians voluntarily accepted the higher Hindu civilization. Bosch's criticisms of these hypotheses may be tabulated as follows: (a) A conquering prince would have mentioned his success in an inscription, or, if not, one of his descendants would have done so. (b) There is no sign of Dravidian mixture in the population of Java or Bali.

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