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A Mathematical Jamboree follows the very winning puzzle books through a similar writer. It comprises 114 puzzles and actions to problem humans of every age. there's a particular remark on the finish of the booklet, giving ideas and motives, including the occasional follow-up challenge.

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Cut out a rectangle of paper to represent the map, mark in the squares and label them with the numbers 1 to 8 as shown - it helps to have both sides labelled - and see what you can do. 77 Spot check! • • • • The eight dominoes given above can be fitted into the 4x 4 square grid shown in such a way that the total number of dots in each of the four rows, four columns, and two diagonals is the same. Can you do it? 41 78 Neighbourliness! One wet winter afternoon Jamie became bored with his books and listening to his tapes so he started using his cassette tape boxes like building bricks to design imaginative structures.

The Sellmore grocery chain plan to build a large new out-of-town shopping centre to be sited at S, see the diagram, so that the sum of the distances from it to the three towns Aldwick, Barton and Cowbury is a minimum. The distances between the towns are given in the diagram in kilometres. How far must S be from each of the towns? Cowbury Barton 9 Aldwick 63 Negotiating the corridor Mr and Mrs Social-Climber were moving into a prestigious apartment in a new building development. But on the day of their removal they had a panic for they realised that the only way to their new abode was along a *-1 metre-* long corridor in which there was a right-angled bend (see the diagram).

15 113 47 89 59 29 71 5 101 The above magic square with only prime number entries has the lowest possible magic total for such squares ... unless of course you allow some of the prime numbers to be negative. Show that a prime number magic square exists where the magic total is 15. 37 70 Traffic management N The map shows the streets of a major town. Traffic entering at A off the trunk road from the west can make its way through the town in a variety of ways before exiting at B onto the trunk road going east.

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