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I'm glad that someone understands the who le story. ' I poured some tea for Lisa. ' 'With pleasure,' replied James. Uncle Pran gave him a piece of paper. To Lisa , James wrote. Thank YO tl for helping tis. Ie was the most extraordinary scene that I ever acted in . Best wishes, James Rogers. 'Thank you so much! ' sa id Lisa as he handed her the paper. Then she read his message and her mouth opened wide. ' she asked excitedly. 'I don 't know,' said Wayne, the director, kindl y. ' James Rogers and the direcror had ro go back ro the film crew.

That's right,' said my mother. She smiled. ' I was so excited that I could not sleep that night. The next morning, I went with my father to the bus station to meet him. Etienne smiled at me when he saw me. And I smiled back at him. The next day, I showed Etienne how to ride the jet-ski. After that, we went on the jet-ski every day. We went to Phang Nga. And we went to the island where James Rogers rescued Shannon Gold. Then the movie, Return to the Islands, was at the cinema in Phuket Town. Etienne and I went to see the movie together.

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