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By Richard F. Newcomb

A Pictorial background of the Vietnam conflict.

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No Geneva partition was a ruler. One appeared, as if by a miracle, in the person of Ngo Dinh Diem. Diem burst upon the world scene between the fall of Dien Bien Phu and the Geneva the United States needed for South Vietnam after the 25 VIETNAM WAR A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE conference. By more than a little coincidence he was in France, and so was Bao Dai, the on-and-off emperor of Vietnam. thought it time to reassert himself; he and on June 18, existed only in To 1954, appointed With the fall of Dien Bien Phu, Bao Dai summoned Diem to his chateau near Cannes, him prime minister of Vietnam, an entity that Bao Dai's mind.

Lansdale had worked there for years just after World War II, training agents for the new Philippine government in its war against the Communist rebels, the Huks, in the Philip- By July, Lansdale pines. S. Army General J. Lawton ("Lightning Joe") Collins arrived in Saigon to evaluate the situation in South Vietnam for President Eisenhower, his old boss in the European theater during World War II. On the diplomatic front, Dulles had put together SEATO (the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization) as an Asian counterpart to NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty October 9, 1954, 27 A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE VIETNAM Secretary of State John Foster Dulles signs the SEATO agreement Manila for the United States, hailing it as an trine" to halt the advance of communism.

The phrase and its shortened form, VC, entered the American lexicon as an epithet. By mid-year, the VC were attacking plantations near Saigon and had set up a coordinated command in the Mekong Delta. Ho's major concern was that the Viet Cong were proceeding too fast; he needed more short for Vietnamese time to build his military strength in the north. Ho was ready. He authorized the VC in South Vietnam, now organizing in groups of one hundred or more, to defend themselves if attacked, and soon they were taking over whole areas of the countryside.

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