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By Robert F. Boszhardt

On hand December 2003 the most typical relics of the 12,000-year occupancy of the higher Mississippi River Valley could be the chipped stone projectile issues that local american citizens mounted to the ends in their spears, darts, and arrow shafts. this beneficial consultant presents a key to deciding upon a number of the varieties of issues stumbled on alongside the higher Mississippi River within the Driftless zone stretching approximately from Dubuque, Iowa, to purple Wing, Minnesota, yet framed inside of a a little bit higher region extending from the Rock Island Rapids on the glossy Moline-Rock Island region to the Falls of St. Anthony at Minneapolis-St. Paul. Logging tens of millions of miles and traveling deepest creditors from all walks of lifestyles for the reason that 1982, Robert Boszhardt has documented millions of projectile issues present in this sector. as well as drawings of every variety, he presents different permitted names in addition to names of comparable issues, age, distribution, an outline (including size and width), fabric, and references for every kind. The consultant is intended for the numerous avocational archaeologists who acquire projectile issues within the top Midwest and may be an invaluable reference software for pro box archaeologists besides. Emphasizing the upkeep of websites in addition to a mutual alternate of data among expert and avocational archaeologists, this advisor will exhibit projectile issues as clues to the previous, time markers which include an important information regarding the cultures of the Mississippi River Valley's early population.

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Shoulder barbs are usually rounded. Blades are well made with straight sides, often exhibiting steep, alternate beveling from edge resharpening. Basal edges may be straight or slightly concave or convex. Basal tangs are usually rounded or lobed, and bases are usually ground. Stems are large but not as wide as the shoulders and they are usually heavily ground. Notches are broad and parallel-sided with slight upward angles. Some Thebes points were reworked into scrapers. 5 in. 5 in. r e c t o r u n n i n g f o o t | 39 material: In the Upper Mississippi Valley, Thebes points tend to be made from Burlington chert, but a few known examples are made from Moline chert, Galena chert, and Hixton silicified sandstone.

The type has also been referred to as Hardin and Hardin Stemmed. . An isolated Hardin Barbed point was found with an ex- tinct peccary tooth at Castle Rock cave in southwestern Wisconsin. distribution: Hardin Barbed points are found primarily in the Midwest and central Mississippi Valley up into southern Wisconsin. Their range is concentrated between Oklahoma and Indiana. This type is rare north of the Wisconsin River. Numerous Hardin Barbed points were recovered from the Bass site, a prehistoric Galena chert workshop in Grant County, Wisconsin.

Shoulders are often barely discernible. Basal grinding occurs on some. 5– 5 in. 5 in. description: material: These points tend to be made from local chert sources. references: Boszhardt et al. 1999; Ellis and Deller 1982; Fitting 1963, 1970; Florin 1996; Freeman 1966; Halsey 1974b, 1976; Mason 1997; Overstreet 1993; Sodey 1954; Stoltman 1991. 34 | l a t e pa l e o l a n c e o l a t e p o i n t s Early Archaic Stemmed and Corner-Notched Points Hardin Barbed 1 cm 3 This medium-large spear-knife tip was first recognized as a distinct form in the central Mississippi Valley.

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