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By Richard Bohart and Lionel Stange

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One male paratype, "Amazon" (Oxford). -As in Z. precans, the stem of tergite II is longer than usual and the distal lamella is membranous. The unusually produced male clypeus easily distinguishes it from precans. Also, the closely micropunctate scutum should serve to separate conicus females from precans when they are discovered. 40 University of California Publications in Entomology Zethus (Zethus) bequae'rti Bohart and Stange, new species (Figs. -Length to apex of tergite II about 15 mm. Body nearly all yellow to orange; black are: large half circle spot on frons, posterolateral one~third of scutum, anterior margins of scutum and mesopleuron, and most of antenna beyond scape.

Scutum with pubescence nearly absent except for small patch of micropubescence at posterior margin. Scutum with close micropunctation except near middle where moderate macropunctures occur; mesopleuTon and scutellum densely micropunctate 'with a few small, scattered punctures; posterior face of propodeum weakly striate and irregularly, coarsely punctate laterally. Clypeus with apical margin beveled, weakly biangulate; tergite I nearly as broad as long as measured from subbasal carina; stem of tergite II much broader than.

The principal specialization seems to lie in the rather elongate mouthparts. The chalybeus, infundibuliformis and discoelioides groups are all apparent offshoots of the primitive coeruleopennis stock. Somewhat more removed but attached to the same cluster are the prominens and magretti groups which have only one species apiece. In prominens the petiole is broad and fiat, recalling the conditions in Calligaster. Sternite I is almost completely fused vvith tergite I except posteriorly, and the submarginal propodeal carina is differentiated into a projecting lamella.

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