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By Lee Lanier

When you already comprehend the fundamentals of Maya, the industry-leading 3D animation and results software program, you’ll be able to stream directly to the subtle subject matters during this up-to-date variation of complex Maya Texturing and lights . specified, easy-to-follow directions will train you the real-world creation secrets and techniques that pro animators use to accomplish outstanding effects. within the moment version, you can find broad and up to date insurance of the most recent theories and traits as well as an enclosed CD with unique content material that can assist you sharpen your abilities.

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Is the light source visible within the frame or is it arriving from offscreen? Set one or more key lights in appropriate locations. Match the type of light to the type of source. ) Render tests to determine the appropriate intensities of the key or keys before adding fill lights. • Determine what secondary light sources are needed. Are these sources physical (that is, a lamp, a candle, and so on), or are they actually the bounced light of the strongest light source? Set fill lights in the appropriate locations.

25). An artificial source close to the subject, such as a lightbulb, produces a shadow that widens and softens over distance. 25 ​(Left) The sun creates parallel shadows of stone columns. (Right) An artificial light source creates a shadow that widens and softens over distance. • Color is equally important when reproducing a particular location. Different light sources create different wavelengths of light, which in turn produce specific hues that are perceived by the human eye or recorded on a medium such as film or video.

The Pivot manipulator handle is activated so that the Rotate tool operates around the new pivot point. Pivot Displays a handle that sets the light’s pivot point. 3). You can set the pivot in front of or behind the light. To rotate the light with the new pivot point, click the small circle so that its center becomes solid yellow. To return the rotation to the light’s origin, click the small circle a second time. If the Pivot manipulator is hidden while it is active (that is, solid yellow at the center), the Rotate tool will continue to operate around the new pivot point.

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