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By Owen J. Hurd

Offers fascinating anecdotes of recognized americans, together with Paul Revere, Richard Nixon and Eliot Ness.

summary: provides fascinating anecdotes of well-known americans, together with Paul Revere, Richard Nixon and Eliot Ness

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However, it’s also led to a fair share of ill-fated demises. Vasco Núñez de Balboa is best known for his discovery in 1513 of the Pacific Ocean—or at least for being the first European to realize that another huge ocean stood just opposite the isthmus of Panama. His thanks? He was later arrested for treason and shipped back to Spain, where an ax-wielding executioner required two hacks to separate Balboa’s head from his neck. On a 1524 voyage, Giovanni da Verrazzano was the first explorer, after Leif Eriksson, to explore and map much of the Atlantic Coast from Newfoundland to South Carolina.

Captured in 1614 by English sailors, he was sold into slavery in Spain. Making his escape, he found his way to England and later finagled passage on a ship bound for New England. He returned to find his village deserted and bereft of life. Squanto played a major role in the success of the Pilgrim colony. Without his agricultural advice, the Pilgrims may not have been in any position to celebrate a Thanksgiving in the first place. ) Fluent in English and Algonquin tongues, Squanto served as interpreter and diplomat between the Pokanokets and the Pilgrims.

Early Settlers and Pilgrims 3. The American Revolution 4. The Western Frontier 5. Literary Legacies 6. The Civil War 7. Disaster Relief 8. Wild West Outlaws and Sheriffs 9. Inventors 10. Gangsters and G-Men 11. Games Over 12. World War II 13. Happy Days No More 14. Civil Rights and Wrongs Further Reading Index Acknowledgments Many people lent their ears and opinions in the early stages of this book’s genesis, especially my sibling editorial team of Clare Abbene, Cheri Carpenter, and Bill Hurd. I also routinely drew on the love and support of my other brother, John, and sister, Ellen, as well as my mother, Mary Lee Hurd.

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