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By Alexander Alekhine

This advisor gains Alekhine's annotations of his personal video games. It examines video games that span his profession from his early encounters with Lasker, Tarrasch and Rubenstein, via his international name battles, to his conferences with the recent iteration of gamers within the Fifties. Algebraic notations are incorporated.

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E5, (which would occur af­ ter 6 �d3 dxc4 7 �xc4 0-0 8 0-0, for example), but the loss of time occa­ sioned allows Black to equalise the game without difficulty. 6 �e7 7 'ic2 c6 0-0 8 tDc3 dxc4 9 �d3 c5! 10 �xc4 Black, as can easily be seen, has been fortunate enough to surmount all the difficulties of the opening. 1 1 dxc5 After 11 0-0 tDb6 1 2 �d3 cxd4 1 3 exd4 �d7 White would not have suf­ ficient compensation for his iso­ lated d-pawn. 11 �xc5 1 2 0-0 b6 1 3 e4 White, after his careless treatment of the opening, seeks complications which are not without danger to him­ self.

E5 , for Black wins in the event of 1 0 dxe6 li:)xe6 1 1 li:)xe6 �xe6 ! 1 2 'ili'xb7? �d5 ! ' After the text move, in contrast, the advance of Black's e­ pawn would give White the opportu­ nity of exercising strong pressure on the e-file. Black therefore resigns himself to the development of his bishop on g7, but equally without success. g6 9 10 li:)O! This gain of time allows White to prevent 1O . . �g7, followed by 1 1 . 0-0. By keeping Black's king in the centre, White ' s attack will be facilitated, thanks to his superior development.

F5 because of 29 l:e6. 29 l:e3 30 l:fl 31 l:fel To be able to play 32 l:e5 in answer to 3 1 . tDh5. 31 'it'cs l:c8 3 2 'ith2 33 l:le2 A subtle preparation for the fol­ lowing attacking move. 'itf8 33 34 l:eS! Now Black cannot play 34 . . bxc3 35 bxc3 'it'xc3 because of 36 l:c2. l:cd8 34 35 tDfS Threatening, amongst other things, 36 c4 l:xe5 37 fxe5 followed by 38 e6. t'h4 (D) Threatening mate in three by 38 l:e8+ ! 37 l:xeS A desperate move in an untenable position. Against 37 . . tDf6, which was recommended by Dr.

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