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A public screen allows multiple applications to share a single screen thus saving memory. If your application opens a public screen, then other applications will be able to open their windows on your screen. In older versions of the operating system, only the Workbench screen could be shared so applications had to live within its limitations or use up Chip memory creating their own private, custom screens. Now the system allows any screen to be set up as a public screen so there may be many public screens in memory at once, not just Workbench.

The application is responsible for allocating and freeing the screen’s bitmap. 48 Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Libraries SA_Behind Open this screen behind all other screens in the system. Data is a boolean value (TRUE to set flag). Type field. SA_Quiet Disable Intuition rendering into screen. Data is a boolean value (TRUE to set flag). Type field. The screen will have no visible title bar or gadgets, but dragging and depth arrangement still function. In order to completely prevent Intuition from rendering into the screen, menu operations must be disabled for each window in the screen using WFLG_RMBTRAP.

1 Open screen with the user’s preferred font, which may be proportional. The Workbench screen is opened with {SA_SysFont, 1}. Table 3-4 summarizes how the font selected at OpenScreen() time effects subsequent text operations in screens and windows. Table 3-4: Intuition Font Selection Chart Notes: A and B are the options that existed in V34 and earlier OS versions. C and D are tags in Release 2 equivalent to A and B respectively. E is a new option for V36. ’The Workbench screen uses this option.

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