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Strangely though, I don’t usually feel the lack of it – inconsequential is just that, and, to my mind, unnecessary. On the other hand, when the occasion calls for it, I do wish I could partake. I can only speak for myself, but in some situations I often feel that I’m watching myself trying to deal with it, and there is no more Communication 63 critical observer than myself. I don’t know whether this counts as ordinary self-consciousness or not, but it is almost impossible to get rid of it. Right now as I type, I feel like I’m looking over my shoulder scrutinising every word.

His expression was usually cross or worried even if circum- 44 An Asperger Marriage stances suggested that he should be feeling at least content if not happy. I found his awkwardness endearing, yet it seemed that this was actually a feature of a syndrome that had caused him a great deal of heartache. • Failure to develop (in a manner appropriate to mental age, and despite ample opportunities) peer relationships that involve a mutual sharing of interests, activities and emotions. Chris: I have never been completely without friends, although we have always shared the same kinds of interests.

Despite the fact that living with him had made me unhappy, I was convinced that his intentions were generally good, though I am unable to recall why I was so certain of this. Until my brother-in-law’s gift, the thought of Chris being on the autistic spectrum had never entered my head. I had only a limited knowledge and experience of autism. My first contact with it had been through a friend whose daughter had classic autism. I knew of, but did not understand, the immense practical and emotional difficulties that this had brought the family.

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