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Provides a advent to the central Western monetary markets and associations, quite these within the united states, Europe and Japan. The publication comprises: advertisement and funding banking, cash and coverage, and ideas and futures. moment variation: "An creation to international monetary Markets".

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If only operating as a branch, no reports on capital will be made as the capital is held by the parent company. TIlE SECOND BANKING DIRECTIVE This came into effect on 1 January 1993. The original intention of the Community had been to achieve a full harmonisation of banking legislation throughout the EC. This has now been abandoned. Instead, under the Second Banking Directive, banks in the EC will continue to be authorised and regulated by their own national authority. This will be accepted as adequate for granting them freedom to operate throughout the Community .

Austria - Osterreichische Landerbank and Zentral Sparkasse to form ZLanderbank (now Bank Austria) 34. Girozentrale - Osterreichisches Credit-Institut to form GiroCredit Bank. 35. Credit Lyonnais - BfG Bank 36. Credit Suisse Group - Swiss Volksbank 37. CCFIBHF Bank - Charterhouse 3 Banking (II) The Role of the Central Bank HISTORY OF TIlE MAJORCENTRAL BANKS We shall beginby looking brieflyat the historic backgroundof four major central banks- those of UK, US,Franceand Germany,following the chronologicalorder of their foundation.

A liability in accountancy does not have the meaning 'disadvantage' as it does in everyday English. It is money forwhichtheentityconcernedis liable, forexample,if money is borrowed, the borrower is liable to repay it, hence it is a liability. Looking at a bank, the liabilities show us where the money comes from. Thereare three key sources: o Shareholders' equityplus additionsfrom retainedprofit o Deposits (the largestfigure) o Borrowings (for example, a bond issue). Banking (I) - Background 21 The liabilities, thus, represent claims against the bank.

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