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By William R. Sanford

When the territories of recent Mexico and Arizona turned a part of the us, settlers came upon themselves in the course of a bloody conflict among the Apaches and the Mexicans. whilst the Apaches started to raid American settlements, the U.S. govt made up our minds the Apaches has to be restricted to reservations. Geronimo and different Apaches endured to struggle for his or her land and lifestyle during this inspiring biography.

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He was buried at Fort Sill. In 1912, Congress allowed some of the Apaches to go back to the Southwest. In April of that year, a small group of 187 Apaches returned at last to their beloved New Mexico hills. Some of Geronimo’s family still live near Fort Sill. The Apaches have not forgotten their famous leader. Chapter Notes Chapter 1 1. Alexander B. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1971), pp. 84—85. Chapter 2 1. S. M. P. Dutton, 1970), p. 82. Chapter 3 1. Sam Haozous interview, Geronimo, The Man, His Time, His Place (Norman: University of Oklahoma, 1976), p.

Game was plentiful. S. government wanted the Apaches to become farmers. The agents gave them plows, seeds, and tools. The plan failed. The warriors thought farming was below them. They left such work to women. The Apaches brewed tiswin, a beer made from corn. When they drank, the Apaches got into fights. The Army passed rules against making tiswin, as well as on many other things. These limits on their freedoms angered the Apaches. They hated reservation life. They decided to become free. On May 17, 1885, Geronimo again led his band south.

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