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Ease and accuracy of making these connections, and the avoidance of error, is obviously of some importance. 8a) is somewhat confusing. 8b). 6a Prototype potentiometer panel for analogue computer with confusing layout of knobs and jack-sockets. 6b Redesigned panel, with clearer layout and separated switches, proved by experiment greatly to reduce errors. 7a Bad layout of controls for sequential setting. 8a Prototype push-button layout. 7b setting. 8b Redesigned layout. Applied Ergonomics Handbook 43 The layout of machines Where many controls have to be arranged round the operator, it is usual for a 'mock-up' of the equipment to be built to try out the key features of the design.

Since some of the setting errors on this panel, on the prototype machine, had taken a day or two to find (an experience which no doubt will have been familiar to any reader who has used analogue computers) this decrease in the number of errors is clearly of great importance. A second example comes from two panels on a computer console. Clearly the panel layout should guide the man through the sequence of operation by having a pattern which leads him correctly onwards, or, if there is no definite sequence of 42 Applied Ergonomics Handbook operation, at least it should show the various areas of associated components by patterns and groupings.

5b Redesign for Warner and Swasey Co. 1 British Productivity Council 38 Applied Ergonomics Handbook Having used these criteria and guidelines in selecting the types of control and their detailed dimensions, the next stage is to plan their layout. This must be considered along with all other items, such as displays, etc, which are to be used on the various panels and parts of the machine. This subject, and the related aspect of the interaction between displays and controls, is dealt with in the next chapter.

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