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Economics provides a powerful theory on why environmental assets are degraded. This theoretical framework also provides powerful insights on what are likely to be the most effective policies for addressing these problems. Chapter 3: Environmental management as development strategy. It is all too easy to become obsessed by environment as a problem rather than a dynamic for positive development. Every country in Africa and many elsewhere are grappling with the twin challenges of bringing government expenditure into line with receipts and providing a set of economic, social, and environmental policies that will generate a sustainable development path.

I cite literature I have found especially relevant from a theoretical or practical perspective or both, but I do not attempt in any sense to be inclusive in this regard. As such, my experience is inevitably limited, as is the book, being in a sense the fruits of a personal odyssey. Throughout the text, practical applications of environmental economics to issues in Africa are cited to show what has been and can be done. For many economists, the technical material will be familiar, but it is hoped that combining pragmatism and theory to arrive within realistic time scales at useful answers will provide some insights not commonly found in conventional texts.

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