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Ways to Wittgenstein brings jointly for the 1st time the various various elements of Wittgenstein's lifestyles, philosophy, and aesthetic attitudes.

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They would look for standards in their intellectual life too. 12 His loss of faith was not due to a general lack of it in his family, which had many devout members, but perhaps to the mocking attitude of his father and the enlightenment of his advanced sister, Margaret Stonborough. Russell reports him as a fierce critic of organized religion, or at any rate of clerics. One such was told that he would do better to ‘read some good book on some exact science and see what honest thought is’. Still Wittgenstein’s interest in William James’s Varieties of Religious Experience antedates the war as does (almost certainly) the performance of Anzengruber’s Kreuzelschreiber, where the slogan ‘Es kann dir nix g’schehen’ (‘Nothing can happen to you’) in its context of nature mysticism awoke echoes in him.

But in the early 1930s Wittgenstein, who had played down his ancestry to others, and who had made no reference to it previously in his private diaries, began, only for this period as far as I know, to think that his own work was marked by Jewishness. One passage will serve as an illustration: Das jüdische ‘Genie’ ist nur ein Heiliger. Der größte jüdische Denker ist nur ein Talent. ) Es ist, glaube ich, eine Wahrheit darin, wenn ich denke, daß ich eigentlich in meinem Denken nur reproduktiv bin.

7 Anyone who has tried to translate Wittgenstein will admit as much. 22 ASCETICISM AND ORNAMENT You praise the firm restraint with which they write– I’m with you there, of course; They use the snaffle and the curb all right, But where’s the bloody horse? Assume that things were really so. Assume that Wittgenstein really had no great artistic originality. 8 Need that affect our judgement of him? Engelmann remained an admirer this side of idolatry and yet he comments that Wittgenstein never in his life wrote a poem and that never, or only once, did he, the great lover of music, invent a tune.

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