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By Cornelius Holtorf

What impression is there at the box to acknowledge that archaeology is a standard characteristic in way of life and pop culture? established upon the examine of britain, Germany, Sweden and america, Cornelius Holtorf examines the commonalities and peculiarities of media portrayal of archaeology in those nations, and the diversities among media shows and viewers wisdom and allure to the topic, In his general enticing, populist type, Holtorf discusses the most techniques to be had to archaeologists in attractive with their renowned representations. Possessors of a widely known, absolutely valued and good underpinned model, archaeologists have to take extra heavily the allure in their paintings.

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Archaeological documentary series on British terrestrial Television channels Ancient Apocalypse Ancient Secrets Ancient/Great Civilizations The Battle of Hood and Bismarck Battleships Blood of the Vikings Cannibal Egypt’s Golden Empire Empires of Stone The History of Britain from the Air Horizon House Detectives Invasion Journeys to the Bottom of the Sea Lost Gardens Meet the Ancestors Mummies Mysteries of Lost Empires Raised from the Deep Search for Atlantis Secrets of the Ancients Secrets of the Dead Secrets of the Stone Age Seven Wonders of the World Son of God Surviving the Iron Age Talking Landscapes The Celts Time Team What the Romans Did for Us What the Victorians Did for Us BBC 2 BBC 2/ Ch 5 Ch 4 Ch 4 Ch 4 BBC 2 Ch 4 BBC 2 Ch 4 Ch 5 BBC 2 BBC 2 BBC 2 BBC 2 Ch 4 BBC 2 Ch 4 Ch 4 Ch 4 Ch 5 BBC 2 Ch 4 Ch 4 Ch 4 BBC 1 BBC 1 BBC 2 Ch 4 Ch 4 BBC 2 BBC 2 Source: CBA 2001 Many of the programmes follow established models that attract predictable (fairly large) audiences.

Lisa: This is so exciting, I can’t wait to see what we to find. Skinner: I must admit, this is rather exciting. Eh! Look there’s something right here. It seems to be some sort of rock! [picks it up and crumbles it] Oh no, it is just a clump of dirt. Even so, my heart is pounding like a kettle drum, I better sit down for a while. [sits and wipes brow]. Elsewhere on the site, Ralph seems to have found something! Ralph: Principal Skipple, Principal Skimpster. I found something. [all gather] It’s a spearhead.

C 14 was the first-ever dedicated TV series about archaeology in Germany. In each 30-minute episode, several short reports about different archaeological projects were presented. The featured sites were chosen in close co-operation with the various state archaeology services in Germany. At least two of the associated books also contained prefaces by Dieter Planck, then President of the Association of German State Archaeologists (Verband der Landesarchäologen). Possibly as a side-effect of the cooperation with official bodies, which is typical for the work of Graichen, the TV series was awarded the German Prize for Heritage Preservation (Deutscher Preis für Denkmalschutz).

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