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By Milton M. Gordon

The 1st full-scale sociological survey of the assimilation of minorities in the United States, this vintage paintings provides major conclusions concerning the difficulties of prejudice and discrimination in the USA and gives confident feedback for the success of a fit stability between societal, subgroup, and person wishes.

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My companions at table are priests and nobles and my daughter shall marry one of their sons. I live in the city and know nothing of the way in which barley is sown and reaped. Those who labor in the fields or clean out my stable are of my people, and yet we are not the same, and it is good that each of us knows his special place, for is this not the way it was decreed by the great god Ashur? And so he identifies himself as a member of a people, but also of a particular social class within that group and in a particular ecological segment of the society—that is, the urban segment.

Use of this term in Alfred McClung Lee, "Attitudinal Multivalence in Relation to Culture and Personality," American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 60, No. 3 (November 1954) pp. 294-9. Lee uses the term to refer to the particularized culture of any group, regardless of scope. 40 ASSIMILATION IN AMERICAN LIFE the farmer which were also reflected in the areas of group identification, social relationships, and cultural behavior. The eventual creation of the large nation meant that people living in areas widely distant from one another would develop regional differences in behavior and self-identification, as well as regionally contained social systems.

To a member of a stone-age society—the man of prehistory—such a question would have been incomprehensible since, for him, all the potential elements of peoplehood were joined together in a unitary whole. The members of the small band of which his family was a part lived together on the land, worshipped in the same manner, had roughly similar views of right and wrong, hunted, fished, or planted in the same way, looked very much alike, and governed themselves. While there were individual differences in personality type or physical prowess, or skill, these differences remained on an individual basis; they did not mark off groups beyond kinship lines.

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