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By Francesco Paolo Rossini M.D. (auth.)

by Mario Banche, M.D. IX The neologism "coloscopy" (colonscopy, colonoscopy) is the newest addition to the vocabulary of endoscopy of the massive gut. simply because the time period "duodenoscopy" used to be in endoscopy of the higher digestive tract many years in the past. With the arrival of the coloscope it truly is now attainable to ascertain the big bowel extra greatly and successfully than used to be previously attainable with using its inflexible forerunner, the rectosigmoidoscope. The earliest rectoscopes, eleven endoscopes" brought in the course of the nineteenth century via Segales and Desormeaux (1826, 1853), have been conceived for plenty of uses-inspection of the urethra, bladder, uterus, rectum. Successive advancements finally ended in the development of an device designed solely for endoscopy of the rectum and sigmoid colon (Bensaude, 1907). Over the next years the rectoscope underwent no gigantic switch and therefore an considerable and homogeneous literature accumulated during which the to be had tools and their use have been defined whereas the endoscopic pathologic nosography and corresponding endoscopic photographs of the rectum and sigmoid colon have been codified, illustrated first by way of basic sketches and later via nonetheless and movement images. The literature comprises many glorious guides, a few in monograph form.

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41. Fig. 42. Fig. 43. Fig. 44. Fig. 45. Fig. 46. 26 Fig. 47. Olympus stiffening tube with metal connection. Fig. 48. Angulation of the fibrescope at the rectosigmoid and sigmoid-descending colon junctions. A stiffening tube should not be used in these circumstances because of the risk of lacerating the sigmoid colon. the descending colon has been shortened, examination can proceed speedily. Other loops often form as the coloscope passes along the transverse colon, as indicated by increasing difficulty in advancing the fibrescope.

Fig. 36. Fig. 37. Fig. 38. Fig. 39. Fig. 40. ion of the coloscope along the large bowel The fibrecoloscope forms an alpha loop in the sigmoid colon and then descends into the pelvis towards the distal portion of the descending colon (Fig. 41). The loop is partly straightened out by slight clockwise rotation and the coloscope is advanced as far as the transverse colon (Figs. 42, 43 & 44). At this point the loop can be straightened out completely by forcibly pulling the shaft downwards and rotating it clockwise after which the coloscope can be advanced as far as the cecum (Fig.

3) Severe ulcerative proctocolitis. 4) Diverticulitis. 5) High grade diverticulosis with incomplete stenosis. 6) Severe adnexitis and pelvic peritonitis. 7) Recent surgery of the large bowel. 8) Infectious diseases of the colon. Relative contraindications 1) Incomplete stenosis. 2) Radiation sigmoidocolitis. 3) Severe respiratory insufficiency. 4) Severe heart disease. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Excessive tortuosity and angulation of the sigmoid colon. Dolichomegacolon. Presence of faeces due to imperfect bowel preparation.

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