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By Eric Klopfer

An summary of cellular studying video games that argues for the academic merits of hand held video games over their big-screen opposite numbers.

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This doesn’t mean they don’t need content as well. If they have to look up everything Educational? Games? 21 on the Internet, then they’ll struggle too much to form an argument or interrelate ideas. But if we’re going to teach them content, let us teach them content that they’ll remember, rather than have to test on Friday so they won’t forget it over the weekend. The deep learning that students do in games is more likely to persist than the superficial learning they do through memorization. For now, content is still king, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to use content as cover.

Manage problems in faulty solutions. Learners must understand that their interventions will not always lead to the perfect result. Sometimes Educational Innovation through Time 11 trade-offs must be made in designing solutions (chapters 7 and 8), guided by the feedback learners receive in implementing solutions (chapter 10). 5. Organize and navigate information structures and evaluate information. Learners must collect and evaluate information from a variety of sources, including primary data, documents, and witnesses, as demonstrated in many of the location-based augmented reality simulations.

A strong social component for handheld games: n Allows the game designer to create a flexible and ever-changing complex game dynamic without needing to specifically program all of the behavior into the games. This reduces cost and promotes customization.

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