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By Justin Clemens

What can Roger Rabbit let us know concerning the moment Gulf battle? What can a girl married to the Berlin Wall let us know approximately posthumanism and inter-subjectivity? What can DJ Shadow let us know in regards to the finish of heritage? What can our neighborhood bus course let us know in regards to the fortification of the West? What can fact television let us know concerning the quandary of latest group? And what can unauthorized photographs of Osama Bin weighted down let us know approximately new tools of well known propaganda? those are just many of the thought-provoking questions raised in heading off the topic, which highlights the feedback-loops among philosophy, know-how, and politics in brand new mediascape.

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And thus begins the moebius process of cultural creativity: An emotion that has been verbalized or sketched on paper can more easily be shared. What was internal and private becomes external and public. But this is also true in the opposite sense: When we listen to music, look at a painting, or read a poem, we internalize or personalize a public item. 42 Through the topology of the torus, we never completely absorb or excrete, but dwell around and within the simultaneity of both. ”46 Lévy’s vision of a digital “republic of minds” may be worrying enough, but when combined with claims that the Internet enables “the transition from collective intelligence to intelligent community,”47 we can only wonder what other kinds of objects Lévy has been relying on to churn out so many books on such topics, with such naïve optimism.

To listen to Vespertine is thus to enter an alien Björkscape, à la Being John Malkovich (for which she wrote the signature song). It is a portal to another subjectivity, which is not in fact an autonomous and isolated world, but a psyche which is a spliced continuum; whereby no one can confidently cite a beginning or end. For while she is constantly represented in the media as unique – an eccentric star – her work is a convincing statement for the benefits of opening oneself to impersonal effects.

Sebire admits I’m still troubled by an Astrud Gilberto CD I purchased last week for $20, featuring a version of “Girl from Ipanema” with quite noticeable feedback on the recording ... maybe this is the music industry’s answer to so-called Reality TV’s deliberately wobbly camerawork and grainy pictures? Does anybody question the Reality claims of the Pentagon’s ghostbuster-green night-vision pool footage from Afghanistan? g. the USA flag that looks like it’s fluttering in the wind) to proclaim that it was all staged in a NASA studio!

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