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By Frank W. Jessup and G. M. D. Howat (Auth.)

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Lastly, we humbly beseech you to consider, the sad condition that we and the whole land are in, if a good understanding be not speedily renewed, between his Majesty and the Houses o f Parliament. DRIFTING INTO WAR Henry Oxindcn o f Dcanc, from London, to Henry Oxindcn o f Barham, 27th January 1642 . . The great expectation that is now is the King's answer, which will produce some great effect one way or other; trade being stopped, the poor o f [the] city are daily feared to rise, and also o f other parts o f the Kingdom.

Notwithstanding, it is our intention that no failing on your part shall make us fail in ours o f giving all due satisfaction to the desires o f our people in a parliamentary way; and therefore we send you this answer to your petition, reserving ourself in point o f the declaration which we think unparliamentary, and shall take a course to do that which we shall think fit in prudence and honour. s, of treason. Urged on by the Queen "to pull out the rogues by the ears ', Charles went to the House of Commons to make the arrest himself, but, warned of his coming, the five members had taken refuge in the City of London.

1 7 0 2 - 4 ) DISSENSION IN MATTERS OF RELIGION 23 . . As this good Archbishop I write o f had these great eminences, so he may be acknowledged to have failed in those prudences which belong unto a great Minister o f State, who like a wise physician is to consider times and seasons as well as persons and diseases. SIR PHILIP W A R W I C K ( 1 6 0 9 - 8 3 ) , Memoirs (pubd. 1701) PARLIAMENT, 1640-2 For eleven years Charles had ruled without a Parliament. The news that he was summoning his fourth Parliament in the Spring of 1640 was received with relief and high hopes, for men believed that it would reduce the mounting tensions within the Kingdom.

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