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By Marty Bergen

An outgrowth of his carrying on with column on bidding within the ACBL Bulletin.

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Slam is certainly possible, but it would be rash to commit this hand to the six level. Partner can bid slam in either spades or NT, or he can pass with a minimum hand. 3. + K Q 10 9 7 4 <> Q 5 4 3 c:? 8 + 9 4 Bid 4 + . You are willing to shoot out a spade game, so bid it . Showing your diamonds will only serve to provide information to the opening leader. 4. + Q J 10 7 4 c:? K Q 5 <> 6 3 + 9 4 3 Bid 2 NT. Game is still possible, but you are not strong enough to force. This invitational bid preserves all your options, and, if partner is forced to pass , hopefully there will be eight tricks in notrump.

One problem is that 1 NT - 4 \? doesn't sound like a request for partner to bid something. Many famous players have suffered disasters because their partner forgot Texas. You really haven't lived until you have played 4 \? with DUMMY + A K 6 \) Q 5 0 KJ 7 4 + K 10 5 4 DECLARER + Q J 10 9 7 6 \) 8 OA Q 9 3 + 8 7 77 Here are a few other transfer auctions which your partnership must be prepared for. Have you discussed them? 1. 1 NT 2+ 2v 40 2. 1 NT 2+ 3v 2v 3+ 3. 1 NT 2v 3v 20 3+ 4. 1 NT 2v 4v 20 3+ + 9 v K 74 0 9 + K 8 5?

If partner has a heart void, 7 + is not out of the question. 4. Partner bids 3 + . Bid 3 NT. There still could be a slam, but for the moment all we can do is show our spade stoppers. 0 8 \) 10 7 3 + 9 5 4 after your partner opens with 2 NT? Partner still has the option to jump to 4 + with something like + A K 8 3 \? A 4 0 AJ 7 3 + K Q 8. Also after a 2 NT opening bid, 3 + is widely played as Minor Suit Stayman while four-suit Jacoby is used only after 1 NT. One of the reasons for this is that it would be necessary to play 2 NT- 3 NT as a transfer bid forcing opener to bid.

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