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By Greg Campbell

First found in 1930, the diamonds of Sierra Leone have funded some of the most savage insurgent campaigns in glossy historical past. those “blood diamonds” are smuggled out of West Africa and offered to valid diamond retailers in London, Antwerp, and long island, frequently with the complicity of the overseas diamond undefined. finally, those very diamonds locate their manner into the jewelry and necklaces and brides and spouses the area over.

Blood Diamonds is the gripping story of the way diamond smuggling works, how the insurgent struggle has successfully destroyed Sierra Leone and its humans, and the way the regulations of the diamonds industry—institutionalized within the Eighteen Eighties by means of the De Beers cartel—have allowed it to take place. Award-winning journalist Greg Campbell lines the lethal path of those diamonds, a lot of that are delivered to the realm industry by way of fanatical enemies. those repercussions of diamond smuggling are felt a ways past the borders of the bad and war-ridden kingdom of Sierra Leone, and the implications of overlooking this African tragedy are either shockingly lethal and surely global.

In this newly revised and accelerated version, investigative journalist Greg Campbell returns to West Africa ten years later to bare how regardless of common publicity to the corruption and greed of the diamond exchange, it maintains unabated because the quarter struggles politically, ecologically, and economically.

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Actually, to refer to Sierra Leone as a “country” at all is only a matter of geographical convenience. In fact, it’s a vacuum of violence, poverty, warlords, and misery, a tiny corner of West Africa where the wheels have fallen completely off and left no one in charge except whoever happens to be best armed at the moment. 2 Nearly 80 percent of the country’s 5 million people have been displaced and the government has suffered so many coups, counter-coups, rigged elections, political assassinations, and fractious political fights that it has been rendered almost completely ineffectual.

There were no government soldiers, ECOMOG troops, or Kamajor fighters along the way; he didn’t know it at the time, but the RUF assault had routed them from the Kono District almost entirely and Koidu’s government defenders were either dead or in full retreat. Dalramy estimates that he stumbled perhaps 15 miles before collapsing, a distance that may seem unlikely for someone who just had both hands chopped off, but cleanly amputated limbs don’t bleed as much as may be expected. The elasticity of veins and arteries causes them to shrink into the limb and, to a certain degree, self-cauterize.

For their efforts at recovering diamonds from the soil, the diggers each receive two cups of rice and the equivalent of 50 cents per day. Bonuses based on the value of their personal production are dependent almost entirely on the trustworthiness of the miner they work for. The mine was roughly circular and about 300 yards in diameter. Here and there, earthen ledges connected one bank to another across muddy knee-deep pools of groundwater. High up on the banks, surrounding the pit like the jagged teeth of a colossal jungle monster, stood conical mounds of gravel that had been dug from the hole by hand.

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