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By Ron Klinger

Bridge is hip for everybody these days! performed in additional than a hundred international locations, Bridge has an enthusiastic following of greater than 60 million humans. even though many think that bridge is just an “old person’s game,” a growing number of adolescents are taking it up, and now gamers of their twenties are starting to win international championship titles. thoroughly up to date and revised via champion bridge participant Ron Klinger, Bridge Basics explains and illustrates the fundamental principles of bidding, play, and safeguard in agreement bridge. This ebook will flip you right into a powerfuble and assured bridge participant in no time. 

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Bid a 6-card minor ahead of a 5-card major. (2) With two 5-card suits or two 6-card suits, open the higher-ranking. (3) With two or three 4-card suits, open the 4-card suit below your shortage. Locate your shortest suit (singleton or doubleton) and go down in rank and bid the first 4-card suit below your shortest suit. Longest first; 5-5/6-6: higher first; 4-carders: below-the-shortage. Biddable Suits and the Convenient Club Any 5-card or longer suit may be opened. Any 4-card minor may be opened.

If unable to raise opener and unable to bid a suit at the 1-level, respond 1NT as your last resort. Because of the importance of the rule requiring 10+ points for a new suit at the 2-level, the 1NT response need not be balanced. With 10 HCP and a 4-3-3-3 pattern, prefer a 1NT response to a 2-level change of suit. RESOLVING A CHOICE OF RESPONSE What happens when your hand fits two or more responses? Perhaps you are able to support your partner but you also have a suit of your own? Perhaps you could raise opener, bid your own suit, or respond 1NT?

If the combined total is 25 points at most and there might be less, do not bid for a game. With 26 points together, game is a good bet; with 25 points together, game is a reasonable bet, and with 24 points or less together, game is a poor bet. This bidding strategy is revealed in the approach taken by opener after a weak response from partner. , l♥: 2♥, . . ) Count HCP Plus 5-3-1 Shortages (void 5, singleton 3, doubleton 1). 12–15 points: Pass. Responder has 6-9, so no 26 points together. 16–18 points: Bid again.

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