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By Robert E. Van Voorst

Development Your New testomony Greek Vocabulary offers scholars a basic advent to the elemental vocabulary of recent testomony Greek. strikes past rote memorization with a style in accordance with how Greek phrases are outfitted and relating to one another. different aids contain: Memorable English derivatives, variety of occurrences for every observe realized, and lists taylored to what could be dealt with in a given consultation. so much worthwhile, the publication is prepared at the foundation of note households and frequency.

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I help excess, abundance (hyperbole) I surpass 10 23 6 8 5 ————— bl°pv énabl°pv §mbl°pv peribl°pomai I see, look I look up, gain sight I look at I look around 133 25 12 7 ————— de› d°omai d°hsiw, -evw, ≤ it is necessary, one must I ask prayer, entreaty 101 22 18 ————— doËlow, -ou, ı douleÊv doulÒv doule¤a, -aw, ≤ sÊndoulow, -ou, ı slave I am a slave, serve I enslave slavery fellow-slave 124 25 8 5 10 ————— dÊo deÊterow, -a, -on diakÒsioi, -ai, -a two second two hundred (duet) (Deuteronomy) 132 43 5 ————— 3.

I sit 91 46 7 ————— kakÒw, -Æ, -Òn kak¤a, -aw, ≤ kakÒv kak«w §gkak°v evil, bad wickedness, malice I harm, mistreat wickedly, badly I become weary, lose heart ————— 36 50 11 6 16 6 Vocabulary Listed by Frequency and Cognate karpÒw, -ou, ı karpofor°v êkarpow, -on fruit I bear fruit unfruitful 66 8 7 ————— khrÊssv kÆrugma, -atow, tÒ I proclaim, preach proclamation, preaching 61 9 ————— krãzv énakrãzv I cry, call out I cry out 56 5 ————— l¤yow, -ou, ı liyãzv stone I stone (a person) (lithography) 59 9 ————— 5.

I become weary, give out I destroy, abolish I am disabled lame; (as a noun) a paralytic (paralytic) 67 42 10 5 17 5 10 ————— mçllon mãlista more, rather most of all, especially 37 81 12 Building Your New Testament Greek Vocabulary ————— martur°v martur¤a, -aw, ≤ martÊrion, -ou, tÒ martÊromai mãrtuw, -turow, ı diamartÊromai ceudomartur°v I bear witness, testify testimony testimony, proof 76 37 19 I testify, affirm witness I solemnly declare I bear false witness 5 35 15 5 (martyr) ————— m°sow, -h, -on mes¤thw, -ou, ı middle, in the middle mediator (Mesopotamia) 58 6 ————— 6.

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