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Webseitenlayout mit CSS

Keine Angst vor CSS! Auch in Zeiten von Joomla! und WordPress sorgen Cascading kind Sheets fur unverwechselbares Webseitendesign. Anhand von 23 Praxisbeispielen zeigt der erfahrene Webentwickler, Dozent und coach Clemens Gull, wie Sie CSS gezielt einsetzen und welche Designeffekte Sie damit erzielen konnen.

Web-Programmierung: Softwareentwicklung mit Internet-Technologien — Grundlagen, Auswahl, Einsatz — XHTML & HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, Java

Endlich zuverlässiges Wissen zur Entwicklung von Internet-Anwendungen - alles in einem Buch. Das Buch eignet sich sowohl für den Einsatz in der Praxis wie auch als Lehrbuch. Orientierung für die Software-Entwicklung im web und Intranet kompakt und verständlich: Ab sofort müssen Sie das Wissen, das Sie benötigen, nicht mehr aus vielen Büchern zusammensuchen.

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Switch (menuItem) { case kOpenMenuItem: // Code to open a file break; case kSaveMenuItem: // Code to save a file break; default: // Code to give an error message break; } If you omit the break statement, the code for the subsequent case will be executed whether or not it matches. This is sometimes useful, but more frequently a source of bugs. The Ternary Operator C++ has one operator that takes three arguments, known as the ternary operator. ” The ternary operator is represented by a ? and a :.

Others have discovered over the years that the C++ string doesn’t provide the behavior they need and have developed their own string type. Perhaps the most common reason is that development frameworks and operating systems tend to have their own way of representing strings, such as the CString class in Microsoft’s MFC. Often, this is for backward compatibility or legacy issues. When starting a project in C++, it is very important to decide ahead of time how your group will represent strings. References The pattern for most functions is that they take in zero or more parameters, do some calculations, and return a single result.

The following code shows the syntax for allocating a two-dimensional array of characters for a Tic-Tac-Toe board and then putting an “o” in the center square. char ticTacToeBoard[3][3]; ticTacToeBoard[1][1] = ‘o’; Figure 1-1 shows a visual representation of this board with the position of each square. TicTacToeBoard[0][0] TicTacToeBoard[0][1] TicTacToeBoard[0][2] TicTacToeBoard[1][0] TicTacToeBoard[1][1] TicTacToeBoard[1][2] TicTacToeBoard[2][0] TicTacToeBoard[2][1] TicTacToeBoard[2][2] FIGURE 1-1 In C++, the first element of an array is always at position 0, not position 1!

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