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141 Riverson, Gaviria, and Thriscutt, Rural Roads in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons from World Bank Experience No. 142 Kiss and Meerman, Integrated Pest Management and African Agriculture No. 143 Grut, Gray, and Egli, Forest Pricing and Concession Policies: Managing the High Forests of West and Central Africa No. 157 Critchley, Reij, and Seznec, Water Harvesting for Plant Production, vol. II: Case Studies and Conclusions for Sub-Saharan Africa No. 161 Riverson and Carapetis, Intermediate Means of Transport in Sub-Saharan Africa: Its Potential for Improving Rural Travel and Transport No.

Gen. ) Emilio Mondo, Taimi Sitari, and Tadesse A. Woldu. The Ethiopia case study was undertaken in cooperation with the Commission for the Rehabilitation of the Members of the Former Army and Disabled War Veterans, guided by Alemayehu Haile Mariam, Deputy Commissioner. Field work on the impact of the program as well as further desk analysis was carried out by a team led by Tadesse A. Woldu (Addis Ababa University). S. Agency for International Development) provided support for the field study which was cofinanced by USAID.

225 Dia, A Governance Approach to Civil Service Reform in Sub-Saharan Africa No. 226 Bindlish, Evenson, and Gbetibouo, Evaluation of T&V-Based Extension in Burkina Faso No. 227 Cook, editor, Involuntary Resettlement in Africa: Selected Papers from a Conference on Environment and Settlement Issues in Africa No. 232 Creightney, Transport and Economic Performance: A Survey of Developing Countries No. 238 Heath, Land Rights in Côte d'Ivoire: Survey and Prospects for Project Intervention No. 250 Rangeley, Thiam, Andersen, and Lyle, International River Basin Organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa No.

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