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By Mike Breault

Fortress Greyhawk includes thirteen targeted degrees for adventuring and exploration. every one point is a seperate event written by way of a special writer and every has its personal exact model of insane and baffling weirdness. a few degrees contain fixing puzzles and a few require strong previous hacking and slashing. The adventures could be performed seperately or all jointly as a grand quest to loose citadel Greyhawk from the evil, rotten hordes which are plaguing it. the typical topic to this dungeon is that no funny story is so outdated, no pun is so undesirable, and no schtick is so seen that it cannot be used to confuse and journey up desktops!

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Room 20-Barracks This large room is the barracks for the goblins. It is empty now, as the goblins are all occupied elsewhere. The room is filled with sleeping mats, assorted goblin debris, and several wooden chests containing their personal items. If the PCs rummage through the chests, they only turn up 22 cp and a chunk of rock crystal (value of 70 gp). However, in the northwest corner of the room is a pair of bone dice and a pile of coins totalling 151) cp, 110 sp, and 80 gp. 29 The coins were left behind when the goblins were abruptly ordered to work.

If the PCs go along with the charade, the orcs won’t attack, although they defend themselves if necessary. Room 22-Butchering Room Vigorous scratching and clawing can be heard from behind this door. The room is empty except for a carrion crawler and the remains of a large burlap bag. The carrion crawler is intended as the main course for tonight’s banquet, but so far nobody has gotten around to killing it. Carrion crawler: AC 317; MV 12” ; HD 3 + 1 ; hp 18; #AT 8 ; Dmg paralysis; THACO 16; AL N.

He and the pit fiends cast a total of nine produce flame spells around the room, then vanish, never to return. All this happens so fast, the PCs can do little else but watch. However, if they try to escape, attack, or otherwise draw attention to themselves, the pit fiends cast pyrotechnics and produce flame as necessary to keep them in their place. When Asmodeus departs, the entire room is ablaze, and panic sweeps the room as quickly as the flames. Creatures are screaming and trying to make their way to the south exit.

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