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By I. Lobl, A. Smetana

This can be the fourth quantity of a complete sequence which covers approximately 100,000 species of Coleoptera identified to take place within the Palaearctic quarter. the knowledge supplied for every species is as follows: basic taxonomic details of all on hand names within the genus and species degrees released by means of the tip of 1999; the taxonomic details less than subfamily, prepared alphabetically; and the sort species of genera and subgenera, together with synonyms. the world coated comprises the Arabian Peninsula, the Himalayas, and China, and the distributional information of species and subspecies is given in line with state. specific distributional details for strict endemics is given, and brought species are indicated. is a collective paintings of approximately 100 coleopterists from Europe, Japan, the United States, and Australia.

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Of Dorcatomachrysomelina Sturm, 1837 Dorcatoma furcatum Logvinovskiy, 1980 syn. nov. of Dorcatoma japonica Pic, 1937 Dryophilus excelsus Gistel, 1857 syn. nov. of Dryophilus pusillus (Gyllenhal, 1808) Dryophilus pusilloides Obenberger, 1917 syn. nov. of Homophthalmus rugicollis (Mulsant & Rey, 1853) Ernobius kiesenwetteri var. lateobscurus Pic, 1921 syn. nov. of Ernobius kiesenwetteri Schilsky, 1898 Falsogastrallus elongatus var. bicolor Pic, 1931 syn. nov. of Falsogastrallus elongatus Pic, 1931 Hemicoelus khnozoriani Karapetyan, 1980 syn.

Pilosus sensu auctorum) resurrected from synonymy with C. pilosus (Gyllenhal, 1827) Cryptophagus reflexus Rey, 1889 (= C. pallidus 'sensu auctorum) resurrected from synonymy with C. scanicus (Linnaeus, 1758) Cryptophagus ulicis Stephens, 1830 resurrected from synonymy with C. vini (Panzer, 1797) Cryptophagus uncinatus Stephens, 1830 resurrected from synonymy with C. acutangulus Gyllenhal, 1827 Himascelis nigratus Sengupta, 1978 resurrected from synonymy withi/. brunneus Gyllenhal, 1827 Micrambepilosula (Erichson, 1846) resurrected from synonymy with M.

Micrambe duclouxi Grouvelle, 1910 syn. nov. of Micrambinus bimaculatus (Panzer, 1798). Based on descriptions. Paramecosoma infuscatum Halbert, 1910 syn. nov. οι Paramecosoma melanocephalum (Herbst, 1793). Based on descriptions. Sternodea dichroa Reitter, 1896 syn. nov. oîSternodea lederi Reitter, 1876 Sternodea haroldi Reitter, 1876 syn. nov. οι Sternodea lederi Reitter, 1876. Based on descriptions. Telmatophilus bicolor Reitter, 1913 syn. nov. of Telmatophilus schonherrii (Gyllenhal, 1808) Thelmatophilus balcanicus Karaman, 1960 syn.

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