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By Allen F. Sanborn

This is the 3rd in a chain of catalogs and bibliographies of the Cicadoidea overlaying 1981-2010. The paintings summarizes the cicada literature, delivering a method for simple entry to info formerly released on a specific species or to permit researchers the facility to find related paintings that has been released on different species. a complete of 2,591 references are incorporated within the bibliography. The ebook is a resource of organic and systematic info which may be utilized by zoologists, entomologists, members drawn to crop defense, and scholars learning entomology in addition to a person drawn to cicadas or who require particular details at the bugs. each one genus/species is pointed out with the reference, the web page quantity, any figures (if applicable), the themes lined via the reference, any synonymies, and any biogeographic info pointed out for the species within the person reference. An additional benefit to the catalog is that it's the first entire species checklist for the Cicadoidea, together with all synonymies and new combos via 2012.

  • Provides approximately 4 instances the variety of references of the former catalog, demonstrating the explosion of information for the reason that that time
  • Contains all references came across that point out a genus or species identify within the work
  • Includes greater than three hundred extra references that weren't within the past works in this subject
  • Features the 1st whole species record for the Cicadoidea, together with all synonymies

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Note) South Africa Platypleura hirtipennis Chawanji, Hodson and Villet 2006: 386–387 (comp. note) Platypleura hirtipennis Price, Barker and Villet 2009: 618–619, 621–624, Figs 1–2, Fig 4, Table 1 (illustrated, distribution, phylogeny, comp. note) South Africa P. cf. hirtipennis Villet, Barker & Lunt 2005 Platypleura cf. hirtipennis Villet, Barker and Lunt 2005: 590–593, Figs 1–5, Table 1 (phylogeny, listed, comp. note) South Africa P. inglisi Ollenbach, 1929 P. insignis Distant, 1879 = Platypleura (Poecilopsaltria) insignis = Platypleura (Neoplatypleura) insignis Platypleura insignis Boulard 2006c: 131 (comp.

Note) Platypleura Sanborn, Phillips and Sites 2007: 3–4, u8380 Table 1 (listed, comp. note) Thailand u8385 Platypleura Shiyake 2007: 2, 14, 18 (listed, comp. note) u8390 Platypleura Sueur and Puissant 2007b: 55 (comp. note) u8395 Platypleura Boulard 2008f: 7, 15, 91 (listed) Thailand Platypleura (Platypleura) Boulard 2008f: 15 (listed) u8400 u8405 Platypleura (Poecilopsaltria) Boulard 2008f: 7, 16 (listed) Thailand Platypleura (Neoplatypleura) Boulard 2008f: 7, 16 u8410 (listed) Thailand u8415 Platypleura Hooper, Hobbs and Thuma 2008: 105–106 (comp.

Note) Platypleura capensis Villet, Barker and Lunt 2005: 590–593, Figs 1–5, Table 1 (phylogeny, listed, comp. note) South Africa Platypleura capensis Chawanji, Hodson and Villet 2006: 386–387 (comp. note) Platypleura capensis Price, Barker and Villet 2007: 2575, 2577, 2580, Table 2 (comp. note) South Africa Platypleura capensis Yamazaki 2007: 349 (comp. note) South Africa Platypleura capensis Fullard, Ratcliff, and Jacobs 2008: 242–244, Figs 1–2a (song, oscillogram, comp. note) Platypleura capensis Lorenz and Gäde 2009: 383 (comp.

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