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By Mohamed S. Mohamedsaid

Shortly, taxonomic details at the Chrysomelidae from Malaysia can in simple terms be retrieved from a couple of resources, corresponding to the Coleopterorum Catalogus, with it most modern e-book in 1973, and the scattered taxonomic courses came upon around the globe. hence, the ebook of this catalogue may be a unmarried reference for the taxonomic info from the rustic. Malaysia includes of the Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak, the Malaysian territory in Borneo. This catalogue will current a present taxonomic prestige of the Chrysomelidae, not just from Malaysia, but additionally from different components of Borneo, that are below the sovereignty of Brunei Darussalam and Indonesia (Kalimantan). of the Malaysian Chrysomelidae is a accomplished one, either for Malaysia in addition to Borneo. There are 1069 species and 215 genera belonging to thirteen subfamilies indexed within the catalogue. Out of this 1069 species, 634 and 619 are recorded from Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia, respectively. each one species is supplied with clinical identify, synonyms references and distributional facts. The catalogues could be of use not just to experts in taxonomy and faunistics of this various and economically very important beetle team, but in addition to biogeographers, nature conservationists, quarantine officials, scholars, creditors and museum employees.

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Ent. Italiana, 129(2): 109 (= delectabilis). Distribution: Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak, Kalimantan. 29 Clytrinae Genus Diapromorpha Lacordaire 1848 Diapromoprha pinguis Lacordaire Diapromorpha pinguis Lacordaire, 1848, Mon. - Medvedev, 1999, Serangga, 4(1): 54 (Kedah). Tituboea laportei Baly, 1865, Trans. Ent. Soc. London, ser. - Clavareau, 1913, Coleopt. Mohamedsaid, 2000, Serangga, 5(2): 345 (UKM checklist). Distribution: Peninsular Malaysia, India, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam. Genus Aspidolopha Lacordaire 1848 Aspidolopha buquetii Laccordaire Aspidolopha buquetii Lacordaire, 1848, Mon.

London, ser. 3, 4(2): 273 (Pulo Penang; BMNH). Distribution: Peninsular Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar. Colasposoma propinquum Baly Colasposoma propinquum Baly, 1867, Trans. Ent. Soc. London, ser.. 3, 4(2): 274 (Borneo; BMNH). Distribution: Borneo. Colasposoma robustum Jacoby Colasposoma robustum Jacoby, 1881, Proc. Zool. - Mohamedsaid, 1999, Serangga, 4(1): 25 (Kelantan, Pahang; as Colasposoma robusta Baly); 2000, Serangga, 5(2): 346 (UKM checklist). Distribution: Peninsular Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka.

Soc. London, ser. 3, 4(2): 151 (Singapore; BMNH). Distribution: Singapore. Colaspoides pulchella Clark Colaspoides pulchella Clark, 1865, Ann. Mag. Nat. , ser. - Baly, 1867, Trans. Ent. Soc. London, ser. 3, 4(2): 145 (Pulo-Penang). Distribution: Peninsular Malaysia. Colaspoides puncticeps Baly Colaspoides puncticeps Baly, 1867, Trans. Ent. Soc. London, ser. 3, 4(2): 141 (Singapore; BMNH). Distribution: Singapore. Colaspoides quadripartita Baly Colaspoides quadripartita Baly, 1867, Trans. Ent. Soc.

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