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By Gervasio S. Carvalho, Michael D. Webb

South the USA procedures a dazzling variety of insect species. while most folk are accustomed to its butterflies few appreciate that there's a crew of both vibrant and fascinating bugs. those are typically often called both Spittle insects, a result of watery excreta produced by way of the younger or Frog-hoppers, the latter bearing on their nice skill to leap. In South the United States, also they are identified for the intense harm they reason to pasture grasses and sugar-cane. This publication offers the 1st accomplished and wonderfully illustrated consultant to this kinfolk of jewel-like bugs. approximately each species is incorporated in very good color including line drawings to assist identity. gorgeous images also are given of the bugs within the wild. This booklet is geared toward museum curators, researchers, agronomists and novice hobbyist and it was hoping that it'll stimulate extra paintings in this attention-grabbing and richly vibrant crew of bugs. The textual content contains a whole list of species with complete synonomies and chapters on category, copy and biology. Gervasio Silva Carvalho is Professor within the Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul - Porto Alegre, Brazil. He has released nearly 27 papers on morphology, systematics, ecology, and biogeography of bugs. His curiosity in Neotropical Auchenorrhyncha (particularly Cercopidae) all started together with his Masters measure (1979-1981) and persevered together with his PhD thesis bought in 1992 less than Professor Albino Morimasa Sakakibara. Mick Webb is Curator of Hemiptera on the traditional heritage Museum, London. On becoming a member of the museum in 1966 he labored lower than Dr. invoice Knight from whom he constructed his curiosity in Auchenorrhyncha. The museums wealthy collections from during the international has enabled Mick to put up extensively on tropical cicadellids (his major curiosity) whereas his touch with scientists from during the international, either on the BM and through legitimate visits in another country, has ended in many worthwhile collaborative initiatives.

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Syntypes 184†, 244‡, Venezuela (BMNH). Figs 228, 382. ssp. sordida Fennah, 1949b: 721; Metcalf, 1961: 165. Syntypes 1†, 1‡, Venezuela (BMNH). Fig. 383. ssp. tomentosa Fennah, 1949b: 710, Figs 5C; Metcalf, 1961: 165. Syntypes 5†, 3‡, Venezuela (BMNH). Fig. 384. ssp. turenensis Guagliumi, 1955: 166; Metcalf, 1961: 165-166. Holotype †, paratypes 152†, 91‡, ‘Venezuela’ (‘MEFAM’), not examined Aracamunia Fennah Aracamunia Fennah, 1968: 180. Type species: Tomaspis dimorpha Distant, by original designation.

Also, under the generic heading (in foot-note) Fabricius described Cercopis with a swollen face (as in the above 39 C E R C O P I D S P I T T L E B U G S O F T H E N E W W O R L D specimen) where as specimens conforming to the current interpretation of coccinea have a laterally flattened face. If the specimen in ZMUC proves to be the type then Homalogrypota, of which coccinea is the type species, is based on a misidentified type species for which no other name exists. Cercopis marginata. A syntype of this species and C.

However, no specimens are present in Linnaeus’s collection (LSL) and no reference is made to a Rolander collection in Horn et. al. (1990). A neotype should never be designated lightly but as Sphenorhina rubra is one of several similar species, the existence of a type specimen is desirable. g. g. four specimens matching the above description are present in what is thought to be Horsfield’s collection (see footnote*). Such early collections, often with specimens lacking labels, *T. 1980 (in part) appears in the BMNH Historical Hemiptera collections cabinet.

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