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By Michael A. DiSpezio

End layouts, do tough calculations, and remedy the advanced mysteries of visible designs. Take a scissors and take a look at to copy a «mind-bending» curved layout with quite a few snips.

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Accordingly, the watch has been armed. Piergeiron, Commander of the Watch, has been steadily gathering food, drink, and weaponry these last few months to hold the city against a prolonged attack. Mirt the Moneylender has organized ships friendly to Waterdhavians to supply the city, and to provide escape from it, should things go awry. He is now on the island of Mintarn, organizing additional ships to scour the seas for pirates, and patrolling to give warning of approaching naval invaders. Khelben reveals that “my lady” Laeral, his right hand (and former leader of the adventuring group known as the Nine), has taken all of Khelben’s apprentices and much of the Tower’s magic to a secret place on another plane.

The door disappears around a bend of the staircase below. Myrkul steps through the hole and floats down the stairs. He plans to return to the Pool of Loss and call the dead to him. After absorbing their energy, he can confront Ao at the Celestial Stairway—and, augmented by the energy of the dead, destroy Ao himself! Bane was foolish, choosing to attack the ready Torm. Myrkul will not make that sort of mistake. Rooftop Struggles On the roof of Blackstaff Tower, the PCs realize that Myrkul has eluded them.

The griffon flaps wildly as it lifts the avatar off the roof. As Myrkul shrieks silently, Midnight grabs any nearby PC and points at the saddlebags Myrkul is holding. They hold the Tablets of Fate! If no PC makes a grab for the saddlebags, Elminster does so. As the saddlebags are torn away, Midnight prepares two spells (another sign of her growing power). Myrkul turns in the air and withers the griffon; to do so, he lifts his cloak of silence from the rooftop. At that moment, Midnight casts disintegrate.

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