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Can quantum operations, recombinant shapes, and hid distribution really result in enjoyable? convinced they could! simply test those optical illusions, mechanical flair puzzles, maps and mazes. "Selections are interesting."--School Library magazine.

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When you finish cutting, carefully unfold this new object-a perfect square . TWO KNOTTY PROBLEMS By changing shapes into other shapes, you can get out of some tricky predicaments. Take knots, for example, sometimes what seems like a tight situation just requires some sleight of hand and a little topological know-how. Quick Escape Connect your wrists with a piece of rope about 14 inches (35 em) long. Make sure the loops around your wrists are comfortable and not too tight. Have a friend begin to do the same, but before your friend ties his other wrist, loop his rope around yours (see illus­ tration).

Are you a maze master:> ROOMS IN THE CASTLES Here are eleven castles that you must pass through. For each, enter at the left, visit each room only one time, and exit to the right. You might find such an uninterrupted tour impossible for some castles, and a quick calculating trick beforehand will keep you from wasting steps. Do you know the trick? ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ .... ++++ ... L±±±±� ++++ ++++ tffff t + ++++ ++++ K Chapter 8 FANCY FIGURING Bull's-Eye • Jawbreakers • Antsy Ant • A Burned Receipt • In the Old Cemetery • Magic Squares • More Magic Shapes • Ben Franklin's Wheel • The Chimes of Big Ben • Count the Streetlights • Weighing In Get out your pencil .

Can be made into a magic square. The magic constant for a third-order square is 15. A fourth-order square has a constant of 34. There are seven variations of a third-order (3 X 3) magic square , 880 variations of a fourth-order square, and over a million variations for a fifth-order square. Although it might seem difficult FANCY FIGURING 63 to construct anything larger than a third-order square , a French mathematician named Loubere came up with a trick for making any size of odd-order square.

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