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By Dr. Stefan Trapp, Prof. Dr. Michael Matthies (auth.)

The e-book is for these attracted to modeling publicity to chemical substances. It includes components: half one is the textual content booklet which permits the reader to profit concerning the dynamic habit of chemical compounds in the environment. fundamentals of publicity estimation, arithmetic and chemistry are defined within the first chapters, through a consultant to publicity versions for all environmental media. half is the software program device "Cemos" (Chemical publicity version approach) along with 9 publicity versions, a substance database with twelve information units, info estimation routines, quality insurance instruments and a hypertext online support. The disk is readily put in and runs on DOS 3.3 or greater (up to home windows NT). the excellent Cemos guide can be integrated. it's similar to the net aid. All equations utilized in this system are defined intimately, making the calculations absolutely obvious. routines with strategies, instance calculations and a database aid the reader to benefit approximately and practice publicity models.

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G. g. photodegradation. We now will consider these processes in more detail. At first, the physical transport processes of diffusion, ad/convection and dispersion are described, followed by chemical reaction processes. 1 Diffusion Experiment: Put a droplet of ink into a glass of water. At first, the droplet is deep blue and small. But after a relatively short time, the water is homogeneously light blue. The reason is the undirected random movement of water and ink. Without any influence from outside, mixing occurs.

23 . 24. 75 . 95. 5) x is the adsorbed amount of chemical (g), mM is the mass of sorbense, here the soil matrix M (g), K is the proportionality factor (Freundlich coefficient) (cm3 water / g soil = g water / g soil), Cw is the equilibrium concentration in the aqueous solution (here: g/cm3 water = gig water) and n is a measure of non-linearity of the relation. For small concentrations, values of n are close to one (Tinsley 1979, Schwarzenbach et al. 1993). The Freundlich coefficient can then be seen as the slope of the linear adsorption/desorption isotherm.

1 (two-film theory, Whitman 1923, Tinsley 1979, Schwarzenbach et al. 1993). 46 4 Partitioning of Chemicals in the Environment CJ Phasej - - - - - - Ct - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 Laminar layer j OJ C'J L1Xj Laminar layer i - -- - - -c, - - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - CJ Fig. 1. 17) With eqs. 4: l/gij = l/gi + 1/(gjKji) gij is the overall conductance for diffusive exchange across the boundary between phases i and j (m/s). Beware! When the substance profit for phase j is calculated, the sign changes.

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