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A desirable, in-depth timeline of yank Indian historical past, «Chronology of yank Indian heritage, up to date Edition», up to date and accelerated with present info, describes hundreds of thousands of years of occasions that contributed to shaping the lives and cultures of local american citizens, in addition to American society as an entire - from their ancestors arrival in North the USA to the current.

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Fall Eighty-five Arawak leaders are executed by the Spanish. Soon after being appointed the Spanish governor, Nicolás de Ovando sets about destroying the traditional political structure among the Arawak. He targets the leaders of Jaraguá, who have paid tribute to his rivals for control over Spanish claims. Ovando’s troops invade Jaraguá, round up 84 chiefs, and sentence them to death by fire. The Spaniards also capture Anacaona, a woman who is the paramount leader of Jaraguá. She is killed by hanging, which the Spanish considered a more appropriate way of executing a person of her high rank.

French king Francis I sends explorer Jacques Cartier to North America to claim lands for France and to search for the Northwest Passage—a water route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. When he arrives, he kidnaps two Iroquoian men to serve as guides for the expedition. The Indians tell the Frenchmen about great Indian settlements close by, which excites the Europeans with visions of enormous riches like those confiscated by Spanish conquistadores in Mexico (see entries for 1519 and for 1521).

300 TO 1500). Over a three-month period, he oversees the torture of more than 4,500 Maya, about 150 of whom die of their injuries. Landa burns 27 Maya books written in hieroglyphs, thus destroying many of the most important chronicles of the Maya world. Ironically, the Spaniard will later write Relacion de las cosas de Yucatán—now one of the best sources on Maya culture, history, and religion. 1565 September 8 The Spanish found St. Augustine. Appointed governor of Spanish Florida by King Philip II, Pedro Menéndez de Avilés and 3,000 Spanish colonists arrive on the coast of presentday northern Florida.

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