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By David Niall Wilson

While the sensors of the U.S.S. Voyager realize ample vegetation on an unexplored planet, Captain Janeway leads an Away crew looking for clean foodstuff offers. They locate lavish gardens inhabited by way of an enigmatic alien race that holds the gardens sacred. The fragrent blossoms are attractive, attractive -- and much extra risky than they seem. one after the other, the Away group starts off to fall into deep comas from which they can't be revived. Unwilling to unfold the illness to Voyager, the Away crew is trapped on the earth till a remedy are available, yet their research is perceived as desecration by means of the religious worshippers of the gardens. Pursued via a fanactical mob, slowly succumbing to the insidious influence of the blossoms, Janeway faces both a violent demise -- or an unending sleep.

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Oh, there's plenty for everyone, Captain," Neelix assured her, bustling off to the other side of the path to inspect another batch of shrubs. "One thing about Blort roots-you don't find them just anywhere, but when they grow, they are nearly impossible to get rid of. Only about thirty days from seedling to the stewpot. " Let's hope we don't meet that army, Janeway mused, returning her attention to her tricorder. Aloud, she added, "There's no sign of any of the inhabitants, but we don't know if it will stay that way.

With a chortle of glee, he rushed to the side of the clearing, snatching at a green leafy paint and yanking it upward. It came free of the moist earth easily, revealing a long slender root, pale and tubular. He raised it to his nose, sniffing deeply, then turned to the rest of the landing party, eyes sparkling. He called out to Janeway with his prize held high. "I told you, Captain, Blort roots! " "Just gather what you need, Mr. Neelix. I hope that there are other plants here that will be suitable as well?

We are," she answered curtly. "We came within scanning range about fifteen minutes ago. That is what I wanted to talk to you about. " He turned to her with a quizzical expression on his dappled shiny face. "There is none that I am aware of, Captain," he answered. " Janeway quickly described the strange readings they'd taken from the planet's surface, and Neelix, listening intently as he continued to stir his stew, grew thoughtful. "You know, Captain," he said at last, "there are rumors about this planet among my people, stories I was told as a child, but that I never paid any attention to.

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