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By M. Rashid Khan (Eds.)

content material: fresh power from waste / M. Rashid Khan, Kenneth E. Daugherty --
effective and in your price range power restoration from waste via cofiring with coal / Charles R. McGowin, Evan E. Hughes --
restoration of ethanol from municipal strong waste / M.D. Ackerson, E.C. Clausen, J.L. Gaddy --
changing waste to ethanol and electrical energy through dilute sulfuric acid hydrolysis / L.G. Softley, J.D. Broder, R.C. Strickland, M.J. Beck, J.W. Barrier --
gasoline assessment for a fluidized-bed gasification procedure (U-Gas) / A. Goyal, A. Rehmat --
remedy of municipal reliable waste via the hydrocarb strategy / Meyer Steinberg / Biomass-fueled fuel generators --
Joseph T. Hamrick --
Transition metals as catalysts for pyrolysis and gasification of biomass / L.A. Edye, G.N. Richards, G. Zheng --
Cofiring tire-derived gasoline and coal for strength restoration / D.J. Stopek, A.L. Justice --
changing waste polymers to strength items / P. Assawaweroonhakarn, J.L. Kuester --
Gasification-pyrolysis of waste plastics for the construction of fuel-grade fuel / L.L. Sharp, R.O. Ness, Jr. --
Estimating the heating worth of sewage sludge / M. Rashid Khan, Matthew A. McMahon, S.J. DeCanio --
getting ready pumpable combinations of sewage sludge and coal for gasification / Matthew A. McMahon, M. Rashid Khan --
steel emissions keep watch over applied sciences for waste incineration / James R. Donnelly --
steel habit in the course of scientific waste incineration / C.C. Lee, G.L. Huffman --
hint steel research of fly ash from combustion of densified refuse-derived gasoline and coal / Bassam S. Attili, Kevin D. Ingram, Chia-Hui Tai, Kenneth E. Daugherty --
Aluminosilicates as capability sorbents for controlling steel emissions / Mohit Uberoi, Farhang Shadman --
research of natural emissions from combustion of quickline binder-enhanced densified refuse-derived fuel-coal combinations / Russell Hill, Baushu Zhao, Kenneth E. Daugherty, Matthew Poslusny, Paul Moore --
Ash usage and disposal / Carl A. Holley --
usage of coal gasification slag / Vas Choudhry, Steven R. Hadley --
High-strength Portland cement concrete containing municipal sturdy waste incinerator ash / James T. Cobb, Jr., C.P. Mangelsdorf, Jean R. Blachere, Kunal Banerjee, Daniel Reed, Clayton Crouch, Coby Miller, Jingqi Li, Jeanette Trauth --
Assessing the feasibility of constructing and moving new power know-how to / H.M. Kosstrin, B.E. Levie.

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