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By Emeritus Professor of Family Planning and Reproductive Health John Guillebaud

Past variants of this best-selling pocketbook were recognizedas the gold-standard introductory consultant to contraceptive perform. Thetarget viewers – common practitioners and perform nurses – are oftenparticularly good positioned to o er stable contraceptive suggestion simply because theyalready comprehend the client’s future health and conditions. This version attracts onall most up-to-date information from WHO and the school of Sexual and ReproductiveHealth (FSRH) to provide a hugely functional precis of each availablemethod of birth control within the united kingdom, and some of the components to beconsidered within the session.

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22). Sources: Dinman BD. JAMA 1980; 244:1226–1228; Mills A, et al. BMJ 1996; 312:121; Anon. BMJ 1991; 302:743; Strom B. Pharmacoepidemiology. 2nd ed. ) by the current UK policy of generally commencing with a LNG product as first line, while being fully prepared to switch for symptom control upon request. In sum, the primary reason for choosing, or changing to, a more estrogenic product, such as one containing DSG or GSD as the progestogen, is for the control of side effects occurring on a LNG or NET product.

With or without aura) and often continuing into the headache. Clinical implications l l Ask the woman to describe a typical attack from the very beginning, including any symptoms before a headache. Listen to what she says, but at the same time watch her carefully. A most useful sign that what she describes is likely to be true aura is if she waves her hand on one or other side of her own head and draws something like a zigzag line in the air. 3d] [17/11/011/17:0:7] [13–77] In summary, aura has three main features: l l l Characteristic timing: Onset before (headache) + duration up to 1 hour + resolution before or with onset of headache Symptoms visual (99%) Description visible (using a hand) Migraine-related absolute contraindications (WHO 4) to starting or continuing the COC or any CHC l l l Migraine with aura or aura alone with no following headache.

7. History of serious condition affected by sex steroids or related to previous COC use l SLE—suggestion COCs may worsen the condition, but there is thrombotic risk anyway. g. 4, 5 and 8) are not necessarily permanent contraindications. Moreover, many women over the years have been unnecessarily deprived of COCs for reasons now believed to have no link, such as thrush or otosclerosis; or that would have positively benefited from the method, such as secondary amenorrhoea with hypo-estrogenism. g.

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