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By Claire Lefebvre

This learn makes a speciality of the cognitive procedures desirous about creole genesis: relexification, reanalysis, and direct leveling. The function of those strategies is documented via a close comparability of Haitian creole with its significant contributing languages, French and Fongbe, to demonstrate how mechanisms from resource languages express themselves in creole. the writer examines the enter of grownup, instead of baby, audio system and resolves the issues within the 3 major ways, universalist, superstratist and substratist, that have been relevant to the new debate on creole improvement.

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French verb stems cannot be combined with Cree verbal morphology without destroying the whole organisation of the Cree structure (only in some marginal cases which look like loanwords is this apparently possible, as discussed above). For that reason, Cree verbs belong as a whole to the grammatical system and therefore have to remain Cree in a combination with other languages. Thus, the difference between Media Lengua and Michif lies in the fact that, in the latter case, only a subset of the major category lexical entries has been relexified.

To go spanish ri-sha-chu. i-sha-chu. go-asp-val quechua media lengua (=(1) in Muysken 1981a) 20 Cognitive processes involved in creole genesis Muysken (1981a) shows that, although the lexical categories of Media Lengua derive their phonological representations from Spanish, their semantic content is derived from Quechua. For example, the phonetic form of the Spanish verb sentarse ‘sit down’ was used to relexify the Quechua verb tiya-ri ‘sit’, ‘live’, ‘locative be’, ‘there is’ yielding the Media Lengua verb sinta-ri ‘sit’, ‘live’, ‘locative be’, ‘there is’.

Throughout this book, I will assume that copying applies to all lexical entries and that it is relabelling which is semantically driven. g. ) may be assigned a new label during relexification. g. ) are copied but not relabelled. They are assigned a null form at relabelling (see (2) ). Practically speaking, this means that these lexical entries are not pronounced. The claim that functional categories may be assigned a null form at relabelling is independently motivated by the fact that, in natural languages, functional categories required by Universal Grammar are not always spelled out.

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