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STRUCTURE OF CHITIN AND CHITOSAN Chitin possesses a highly ordered structure with an excess of crystalline regions and appears in three polymorphic forms. Depending on its source, chitin occurs as two allomorphs, namely the  and  forms [24,25], which can be differentiated by infrared and solid-state NMR spectroscopy together with X-ray diffraction. A third allomorph -chitin has also been described [26], but from a detailed analysis, it seems that it is just a variant of the  family [27]. -chitin is by far the most abundant; it occurs in fungal and yeast cell walls, in krill, in lobster and crab tendons and shells, and in shrimp shells, as well as in insect cuticle.

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These, plus a long tradition of careful morphological analyses, will give rise to the next generation of crustacean eye research. C. (2000). Evolution of distinct expression patterns for engrailed paralogues in higher crustaceans (Malacostraca). Dev. Genes Evol. 210, 493–506. W. (1988). Characteristics, dynamics and significance of marine snow. Progress In Oceanography 20, 41–82. P. (2006). Regulation of the retinal determination gene dachshund in the embryonic head and developing eye of Drosophila.

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