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By Charles Hamilton

283pp., index, bibliography, 10 colour plates by way of George Catlin and eleven sketches by way of American Indian artists, one map. Illustrations contain endure claw necklace, Indian deerskin costume, Indian headdress, dating scenes, buffalo hunt, maiden's ball online game, and so on. Contents through a number of natiave American participants contain An assault on a Flatboat through Peter Clarke - Wyandott; Boyhood instruction for the Warpath by way of Chiyesa - Sioux; The Peyote Cult via John Rave - Winnebago; Curing a Wounded Warriot by means of leader Plenty-Coups - Crow and masses else of putting up with curiosity.

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His aim is as sure in the fight and chase, as the hawk, which ne'er misses its prey. Ah, aid me, ye spirits! of water, of earth, and of sky, while I sing in his praise; and my voice shall be heard, it shall ring through the sky; and echo, repeating the same, shall cause it to swell in the breadth of the wind; and his fame shall be spread throughout the land, and his name shall be known beyond the lakes. Traditional Advice on Getting Married AnonymousWinnebago What Every Young Man Should Know If you ever get married, my son, do not make an idol of your wife.

Then High Horse told Red Deer how it was, and said he thought he could not stay alive much longer if he could not marry the girl pretty quick. Red Deer thought awhile about it, and then he said: "Cousin, I have a plan, and if you are man enough to do as I tell you, then everything will be all right. She will not run away with you; her old man will not take four horses; and four horses are all you can get. You must steal her and run away with her. Then afterwhile you can come back and the old man cannot do anything because she will be your woman.

Neihardt, copyright, 1932, by John G. , Inc. 141 The Custer Battle After a water-color by an Indian. From Garrick Mallery's "Picture-Writing of the North American Indians," 10th Annual Report, Bureau of American Ethnology. 171 Converting the Indians By Jesse Cornplanter, a Seneca. From Parker's The Code of Handsome Lake. 209 Map Indian Tribes of the United States 1 Page xvii INTRODUCTION The American Indian is the author of this book. Here the last men of the Stone Age describe their heroic struggle with the first men of the Machine Age, their incredible customs and rites, adventures in hunting and on the warpath, and finally their pathetic efforts to accept the strange ways of the white invader.

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