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The precise nature of Aunsell’s use of the John theme in the tomb is not entirely clear. Aunsell’s request, for example, for a scripture coming from the man’s head saying ‘the two Johns pray for the third’ is obviously an emphasis on the theme of John. However, it is not entirely clear who the three Johns are in this instance. It seems likely that the first John is the man from whose head the script issues, and he probably signifies John Aunsell while alive; the third John would presumably be the dead John Aunsell lying in the tomb.

And all my goodes moveable and unmoveable my wyll performyd in anywise my debts paide the Residue of all my goodes I gyve unto ffelice my wif whome I make myn executrice and Wyllyam Aunsell my Brother myn other execut And he to have as is aforesaide plate and other stuff within named and all his costs and charges to me warde horsemeate and mannes mete to be alowid Also I wyll there be bought viii newe torchis of the weight of xviiilb or xxlb at the moost a pece for my buryall and that there be iiii persones that be dwellers in the paresh of Mary Magdalene Overey and iiii persones suche as be dwellers in the paresh of saint Olaves and they eight every of them to have a ffrisid gowne and a hode and every of them viiid in mony I wyll they ^be suche persones that hath been honest and of good name and fame And after the same dirige and masse of Requiem doon the same eight torches to be devided as is aforesaid Item I bequeth to John Roger the sonne of Robert Roger of Asshewell 28 Cultural Creativity in the Early English Renaissance a blake frisid gowne a bonet a doblett a pair of hosen ii shirtes and a pair of shoos and xxs in mony Also I wyll that myn Executors do pay unto the master and wardens of the merchant tailors of London for all their charges and costes for their Councell and them self for the surance of myn obytt aforesaide xxs The whiche shalbe paid of the master or Wardeyns of the ffraternitie of saint Johns of Asshewell aforesaide on saint Blases day only Also I will that the saide master and Wardeyns of saint Johns do receive of Rycharde clerke of Asshewell aforesaid taylour vili goode and Lawfull mony of Ingland the wiche the saide Rycharde is bounde to me by Reentre to pay on saint Blases daye onely xxs and that I wyll the saide Maister and Wardens shall have the saide vili towards their charges of the foresaid house and Lande afore rehersid of iiili by the yere Also it is I bought a place of Robert starling sett & lying in the west ende of the saide towne of Asshewell as by dede thereof more playnelyer doth appere wych saide place I wyll the saide Robert shall have it with the Landes thereunto belonging upon this condicion that the saide Robert shall pay at one payment xiili sterling to myn Executors within vi wekys after my disceas Also I doo make myn Overseers Rycharde Cooper Letherseller and I bequeth hym a playne hope of gold the wiche I have usid to were on my forefinger xxs in mony iiii yerdes of blake with a typpett price xviiis Also I doo make myne Overseer of this my Laste wyll Wyllyam Bagelwayte Stockefisshemonger and I bequeth hym for his Labour a playne Ryng of gold the wiche I have usid to were on my Lytle finger xxs in mony and iiii yards of blake with a typpett price xviiis Also I gyve and bequeth to the saide Wyllyam Aunsell my Brother a place with thappurtenances sett and lying in the Merkett stede in the Towne of Asshewell aforesaid and it abuttith on the comyn grene on the Northe And thother syde abuttutes on Nicholas Trygge of Stamfforde on the south and the yerde asyde abuttith on Thomas Marten on theast with a gardeyn on thother side the waye longing to the same wyche place I bought of Edwarde Trygge and sometyme was Hawleys Also I wyll the saide place with thappurtenances after the disceas of the saide wyllyam that it remayne to one of the six sonnes of the saide Wyllyam and Rycharde of their bodies Lawfully begotten Brethren both unto me the saide John that it distende to theldest of the saide vi sonnes Also I gyve and bequeth to Thomas fforth grocer iiii yerdes of blake with a typpett price xviiis and xis in money and beside forgyveness of all the debts he owith me from the begynning of the world unto the day of my disceas Also I forgyve Wyllyam Bagtwayte that married Joanne my brothers Reconstructing Perception and Experience II: Vocabularies 29 doughter all the duetie he owith me from the begynnyng of the World unto the day of my disceas Also I forgyve my brother Wyllyam all the debtes that he owith me as is aforesaid except whete barly and Malte that Restith in his handes and other mennes handes there aboute and other debts that be owning unto me in the same towne of Asshewell Also I gyve and bequeth unto Amy bygrave suster unto my brothers Wyllyam wif iii yerdes of sadde northern tawney to make hir a gowne ii smockes a pair of shoos and ii quarters malt Also I wyll that myn Executors and Overseers do make no more charge the day of my buryall for no dyner makyng but for suche as be my wif Lovers and friends with mine Executors and Overseers and their frendes And there to be spent the same dyner and soper and there be any xls And also I wyll there be spent in the churche amongst preestes and clerkes and other poore people iiiic cakis and Bunnes Sum xs And in cheese if the time be therafter iis to be divided in cauntelles3 And ii Barrels of Ale and a kylderkynne of single Bere Sum ixs Also I wyll there be no plate occupied at the churche but white Cuppes and white disshes the some of the charges doon in the churche of saint Olaves is xxis beside the Cuppes and disshes that I putto the discrecion of myn deputies Also I wyll there be spent in the churche of saint Mary Overies whan dirige is doon among the Chanons and the Belle Ryngers in Cakes other breade and Chese iis And i kirdelkyn of Ale of iis Sum iiiis Also I forgyve Robert Boulton all the duetie that he owith me from the begynnyng of the world unto the day of my disceas excepte vili And that he and denys his wif agree with ffelice my wif myn Executrice towarde her chargeis in the payments and performance of my wyll Also I gyve and bequeth to Elizabeth Newington wedowe a Redde mantell price viiis and a blake gowne price xs Also I wyll that Immediately after my disceas that my Laste Lyverey gown furred with backes of ffoynes4 be sold by myn executors and the money therof to goo to the performance of this my wyll Also I wyll and charge my saide Executors that after my disceas that they nor none of them do take or cause to be taken a lre [letter] of the Bisshop or of his deputeis wherby my wyll shal be disannulled as they shall answere before god at the day of Judgement Also I wyll at my monthes daye when my masse is doon that my debuties have home to my house the master and the wardens with ii presstes And all that hath been Wardeyns with Naybors such as they shall thynke moost necessarie of the parisshe of saint Olaves and of mary magdalene overy where as I have Lengest contynue at And to be spent at that dyner vili xiiis iiiid And that day to Soper I wyll my poore neighbors 30 Cultural Creativity in the Early English Renaissance be at to have the Revercion of that same dyner And if there be no supper as the daye may falle I wyll they be hadde to brekefast on the morowe Also to Joanne my doughter iii yerdes of blake for a gowne price xiis Also Joanne Bagtwayte iii yerdes of Blake price xiis Also to Alice my prentice I forgyve and Release all her yeres after my disceas And I wyll she have a gowne of blake price xs Also I bequeth to my wif suster the wif of Robert Bolton iii yerdes of blake price xiiis iiiid and xiiis iiiid in money.

Its formulaic structure, the requests made, and the bequests given, are all entirely conventional. 20 S. Elisabeth, Cultural Creativity in the Early English Renaissance © Elisabeth Salter 2006 Reconstructing Perception and Experience II: Vocabularies 21 All the terms described in the first sections of this chapter contribute to the understanding of what is meant by ‘cultural creativity’. The approaches and abstract concepts discussed here arise from various disciplines, and they constitute what might seem an eclectic array.

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