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By Pete Draper

Get the main life like results from 3ds Max with no need to spend extra on plug-ins!Boost your results skill-set with this 3ds Max workshop. educational classes offer you hands-on event in developing sensible fireplace, earth, air and water results. up-to-date to illustrate construction thoughts appropriate for any model of 3ds Max, this new version is co-published by way of Autodesk Media and leisure, and contains new tutorials on getting into the Earth's surroundings, glaciers, lava eruptions and a Badlands panorama.

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Button and set the Flame geometry so i t does not . -receive illumination or shadows from this light. Set ..... the Decay Type t o Inverse Square, Start t o 1 and ....... , . enable Show. Enable Use and Show Far Attenuation ... . .. ,; I . I . --. . . . . '. -.. --~... ,-. - , . Expand the Advanced Effects rollout and set the Contrast t o 50. Turn off Auto Key and reposition the resulting keyframe(s) at frame 0 t o the frame at which the particles begin emitting (frame 4 in this scene).

Err, blob. Depending on the positioning of some of the spheres you may notice a few small holes in the Blobmesh where it has not closed them properly. To get around this, try entering a new seed for the Scatter's distribution, or amend the rotation values slightly. We are using Shrink Wrap mapping to lock the procedural texture to the object, else it will float. Depending on the speed of your machine, you may want to increase the coarseness setting to about 10 to reduce rendering times.

_- - - - -. I Information: We have disabled the particle system so we can quickly go to a higher frame without it having to calculate the particles. We have set the Scale operator to increase the size of the particles over 300 frames, relative to the time of their birth. This means that they are born with 50% of their original size (set in the original instanced geometry) and are then scaled up over 300 frames to 380%. The Deflector prevents any wayward particles sinking below the ground and the Material Dynamic operator allows us to change particle color depending on particle age, which we will set up shortly.

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