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By Dave Ulliott

'You in simple terms win immense in case you possibility big.' difficult, revealing and hilarious - this can be long-awaited existence tale of poker legend Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliott. the main winning British participant in poker background, and considered one of just a couple of to crack the US. he's taking us at the rollercoaster trip of a pro-gambler's existence, by no means dodging the hazards, disasters and fights. From a council property in Hull to a penthouse suite in Las Vegas; from cracking safes to events at "The Playboy" mansion; from wasting $700,000 in an afternoon to TV's "Late evening Poker" triumph. Devilfish has visible all of it, performed all of it, survived defeat, tasted victory, walked via fireplace, and nonetheless pop out cracking jokes. And over 5 million quid forward. Welcome to the excessive existence and excessive occasions of the Devilfish.

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Both were good poker players but they both had the classic weakness – a bad leak. Les loved the dogs and Dennis loved the horses and the dogs. Trouble was, the horses and the dogs didn’t love them back. And it didn’t matter who you were, if you went to enough greyhound meetings you’d end up skint. I’d never met a dog trainer with tax on his car, so if the trainers couldn’t make money, what chance had the punters got? Dennis would end up dealing a lot of the poker games. Les would end up playing in most of them.

I might have been a cocky little fucker but I knew I was no match for my dad. ’ I shot out like a firework and didn’t look back. I’d never live at home again. It took a while for things to heal and for me to be able to visit without the threat of World War III breaking out. I’d sneak back on a Sunday while Dad was in the bath and Mam would have a full Sunday dinner laid out for me on the table. Then I’d leave and Dad would come down and wonder why there was less roast beef and Yorkshire pudding than usual.

My dad would just shake his head at who I was mixing with. On Saturday night five or six of these geezers would come to pick me up, them suited and booted and their piggy banks looted. They looked like a cross between the Great Train Robbers and the Dirty Half-Dozen. Some of the wins I was already having on the horses gave me the cash to finance a different life now. I wouldn’t roll back home until Sunday morning, stinking of fags and booze, still half-cut, leaning in the doorway as everyone else was just sitting there munching toast and looking at me.

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