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By Annette Smith

A pack of 6 PM PLUS titles to help guided studying at Key level 1. The PM PLUS books are an extension of the PM sequence, supplying extra titles at each one point for added breadth and aid.

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Dilly Duck And Dally Duck (PM Plus)

A pack of 6 PM PLUS titles to aid guided studying at Key level 1. The PM PLUS books are an extension of the PM sequence, supplying extra titles at each one point for added breadth and aid.

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E the 'claims and assumptions that are made about the nature of social reality, claims about what exists, what it looks like, what units make it up and how these units interact with each other. In short, ontological assumptions are concerned with what we believe constitutes social reality' (Blaikie, 2000, 8). With this in mind, it is not difficult to understand how different scholarly traditions embedded in fundamentally different cultural contexts can have diverging views of the world and differing assumptions underpinning their particular approaches to social enquiry.

What they do help researchers with is the organisation of a wide range of diverse facts that can be structured into logical, but sometimes arbitrary, categories, which facilitates understanding of complex matters. Bailey sums it up thus: One of the chief merits of a typology is parsimony. A well-constructed typology can work miracles in bringing order out of chaos. It can transform the overwhelming complexity of an apparent eclectic congeries of numerous apparently diverse cases into a wellordered set of a few rather homogenous types.

The third point relates to the discussion above on referencing: record and log all your footnotes and bibliographical references as you proceed. If you manage to get into this habit, it will save you hours and spare your nerves in the latter stages of your project. Finally, make sure you have an up-to-date virus detector on your computer(s), as a single virus could destroy hours of work in one click of the mouse. Professional associations At the beginning of your studies, you should consider joining an association relevant to your thesis topic, for example, the PSA (Political Studies Association) or the BSA (British Sociological Association).

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